release on GitHub

It would be very useful if xnotifier was released on GitHub so that potentially more people could work on it and fix any issues that comes up.

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X-Notifier is Donationware, not freeware.  
Posting code is not conducive to donationware success.
Donationware already has a minimal return.
Btw, donated  yet?


correct me if I'm wrong, isn't the addon already open source?

Releasing on GitHub will be only a matter of better organization and seeking help of volunteer devs.  and yes I have donated in the past.

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Perhaps if you request it, you may get a copy... that doesn't mean the developer wants to spread it around.  However, you may ask of him if he is tiring of it and may want to give it up publicly and abandon it so he can concentrate on his med clinic, etc.  I dunno, have at it.