Gmail grayed out in 3.5.23

Since yesterday Gmail has been grayed out in 3.5.23. You can click Gmail and it takes you to Google/My Account and has you logged in. From there I can select the Google apps icon at the top and check my mail but notifier isn't actually showing new mail nor does clicking Gmail in notifier actually take you to the inbox anymore. I've removed xnotifier and reinstalled v 3.5.23 for it to have the same exact issue.

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Thank you for this great addon...

as some people above point out some account are working because they are not transfered to the new google changes. Mine too 3 accounts work and the rest are greyed out. Yahoo is still working although i think some time ago when  new inbox was applied i reverted back. As for hotmail they work when you start the browser and if it stays open after 2-3 days they dont work unless you go into settings and reconfirm them. As far as other plugin i didnt like gmail notifier nor notifier neo because of cookies cleaning/disabled and doesnt save login details. i would suggest the developer to ask for help or open source it ..maybe someone can help out with the new changes

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I have exactly the same setup on both my desktop and my notebook.  I use firefox portable with exactly the same setting for both.  The strange part is if I use the notebook, everything works perfectly with x-notifier (4 gmail accounts, 4 outlook/hotmail/live accounts, and few others).  When I use the desktop, x-notifier fails to login to 2 of the gmail accounts.  I am going to copy the entire portable content folder from my notebook to my desktop to see if the desktop version will also work just as well.

EDIT:  It worked.  Copied the firefox folder (portable) from my notebook to the desktop, and the desktop is now able to login to all 4 gmail accounts successfully.  I hope it lasts.

X-notifier Version 3.5.21 works, but not right away, some of gmail will not be checked right away, just click on Check Now several times and everything will load in a few minutes.

You would need to to manually recheck all email and wait for them to load everytime you restart your browser or clear cookies. Hope this helps.

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I found a way to bypass Gmail's new login page.

It is applied in X-notifier 4.0.3.

However, I still recommend to use X-notifier Neo instead of X-notifier.

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Definitely a coding champ ;-)

Where is 4.0.3? I couldn't care less about Neo.

It may have to come through the Mozilla Addons page... it takes time to get approved...

He should make it available here (as he did other times) so we don't have to wait.

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Do you have some private almighty law whe don't know about, Alvega?
He might have a good reason not to. Only speculating, but perhaps he wants to prevent aggravating Mozilla by dodging their laws... ?

With my portable Firefox, I bumped into the 'thanks for installing' page and it has a note to 'please update to the latest version' and a green button labeled: X-Notifier 4.0.3   ;)   ...however, clicking it just takes you to the Mozilla addons page for X-Notifier, which is still 4.0.2.  

The "History" link (at top of this page) takes you to the list of versions and changes... including 4.0.3

Mozilla Addons will get updated... eventually.

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Even downloaded the 4.0.2 xpi to check if the gmail script got changed (if it really was 4.0.3).

Hey...  Is Mozilla saying that FF 57 finally enforces killing old addons? (X-N 3.5.23 will not load/run.)

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Firefox 57, November 14th release

 Firefox will only run WebExtensions.

  • AMO will continue to support listing and updating legacy add-ons after the release of 57 in order to have an easier transition. The exact cut-off time for this support hasn’t been determined yet.

But.. this is what things will look like when Firefox 57 hits release (Compat. Table):

Legacy Extension (bootstrapped, overlay, XUL etc)

I had seen the table, is why I asked.
My reading of those Mozilla posts is that Legacy XUL will stop working/loading with FF 57, but that Legacy XUL will still be listed/updated in the Addons market (for earlier versions of FF, I'm guessing).
So X-N 3.x will not load/work in FF 57+ my impression.

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you misunderstand: The table shows under what conditions FF57 nightly and beta will work with legacy addons. The one that interests me is the unsigned nightly with pref (have to figure out what that means). "Signed by Mozilla internally" must be some special privilege.

Btw: I will be out of the loop for 2 weeks starting coming tuesday 9/5.

Mozilla Addons Blog:  By the end of 2017, and with the release of Firefox 57, we’ll move to WebExtensions exclusively, and will stop loading any other extension types on desktop.

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about:config  xpinstall.signatures.required

What are my options if I want to install unsigned extensions in Firefox?

  • The Nightly and Developer Edition versions of Firefox have a preference to disable signature enforcement. There are also be special unbranded versions of Release and Beta that have this preference, so that add-on developers can work on their add-ons without having to sign every build. To disable signature checks, you will need to set the xpinstall.signatures.required preference to "false".
    • type about:config into the URL bar in Firefox
    • in the Search box type xpinstall.signatures.required
    • double-click the preference, or right-click and selected "Toggle", to set it to false.

So, developers (and users who know) could perhaps still load the old addons... unless Mozilla removes the legacy API from FF 57+!  Why wouldn't they?

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And works for my Gmail accounts at Firefox 54.0b5 (64-bits)

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Any chance also to fix 3.5.23 version? Even unoficial/unsigned .xpi will be welcome. After FF57 we can still use old extension:

A lot of people prefer old style addon (including x-notifier), they are just more comfortable. If anyone have fixed .xpi then plese share, or at lest give some advice where/what we should fix.


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I am using x-notifier 3.5.

I now want to acknowledge, that my firefox /xnotifier also have the problem with gmail accounts. greyed out, no update available. I am german. Just to confirm all other peoples same problems.


    XNotifier hasn't been checking Gmail for awhile, but I figured, just be patient. Tobwithu has always come through eventually. My XNotifier just updated itself to 4.0.3, and I thought "Great! GMail will now start working again. But now all my accounts have completely disappeared. Right-clicking no longer brings up a list of accounts. And I'm not sure if left-clicking works or not because all of my accounts have been erased. I hope this is also a matter of just having patience until Tobwithu finds a solution. Sure hope I don't have to set up a couple dozen accounts all over again from scratch, (if I can even remember the passwords). Is a fix in the pipeline?
   Thanks again for this time-saving extension, Tobwithu. Hope you are able to find a fix.

Were  you running 3.5.23 before it updated you to 4.0.3?
The update process from 3.x to 4.x requires exporting your accounts from 3.x then importing after update to 4.x.
People have been able to re-install 3.5.23 over top of 4.x to recover their accounts... then you could export accounts and uninstall x-notifier 3.x, then install 4.x and import your accounts.

Thanks RpD, I tried your downgrading suggestion, and it worked. I was able to recover all my accounts. I'm hesitant to reinstall 4, but I guess I can always go back to 3.5.23 if the 4.0.3 import doesn't turn out as expected. I guess the final measure will be disabling auto-updating.

Be sure to export your 3.5.23 accounts.  
Be aware that because of Mozilla/Firefox forcing changes, X-Notifier 4.x has lost some features of 3.x
If you update to 4.0.3, be sure to export your accounts again in separate export file. (save the 3.x export, just in case)
And yes... to stay on 3.x, you'll need to disable automatic updates on X-Notifier (go to FF menu, addons, find x-notifier and click 'More', then scroll down to turn off auto-update on -just- x-notifier ...not the 'global' all extension updates ...and then you have to avoid clicking the 'update addons' feature ;)

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Well all weekend it has been back to grayed out again. I give lol.

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Damn, it has started doing it again :(

WTF, Google!

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And it's back working as of last night. LOL

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Nope, not here, not with 3.5.23. :(

This topic is about 80 posts long now, so I don't want to review to see who's tried IMAP and POP3, but... in 3.5.23, you can use the IMAP or POP3 scripts to get notified of new Gmail.  At least I still can... and I don't use 2-factor auth. I'm not sure if that will work, you'll have to test.
Pick the script (IMAP or POP3) and then enter your full email address, pw, and server. For IMAP, it's ...for POP3, it's
In the Alias box, you can put Gmail ...or Gmail-IMAP, etc... and it'll show on the drop down list, etc.

I tried and although I have other email provider working with IMAP, it does not work with my Gmail - I have a separate topic open for this on the forum... The issue seems to be that X-Notifier tries to open more than 15 connections to, but Google allows only 15... Possibly because I have too many emails and folders.

I haven't tried POP3 yet - because if there is a bug, it may delete emails or mark them all read...

X-Notifier's POP3 script  won't do that.
In all the time I've used it, it only checks for the 'unread' count... it does not mark or delete.

Ok, thank you for the confirmation. Worst comes to worst - I'll try that.

But for now, updated Gamil scipt works in 3.5 and that helps a lot :)

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Here is the updated Gmail script for 3.5.23:

Save it to file, import to X-notifier and recreate account(s)

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Thanks a lot! It works like a charm. You should send the script to tobwithu and maybe he will add it here:

awesome thank you!  I hope it doesn't steal my passwords ;)

Great work with the updated script, it works and 3.5 is back in business.


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I followed the instructions, saved the script to file, imported to X-Notifier, and deleted/re-created all gmail accounts but nothing has changed - all gmail accounts are still greyed out and XN lists them all as "Not Checked" in red.

What am I doing wrong?  I'm using an old version of Firefox (v38.8.0) because many add-on i use stopped working in subsequent updates + I hate the look/feel of the newer versions.

So... you right-clicked on his link and clicked 'Save link as' and named the saved file as Gmail.js, then you went to X-Notifier, Options, click the Scripts button, clicked Add, browsed to the saved Gmail.js, clicked it, clicked the Open button, clicked OK, and then redefined your account, clicked Add, then clicked OK?
And you remembered to enter  your full gmail address for the username, then the correct password?

(Probably not necessary and more confusing, but I like to save embedded script updates with a different name, such as newGmail.js.  Then you redefine your account with the newly added script instead of the embedded one.)


I had this issue too

I did not realising at first I should recreate the Gmail account with Gmail.fix in the list rather than Gmail (the drop-down where you choose provider).  Habits, die-hard things, those.

I also took the precaution of deleting all cookies related to Gmail, no idea if that was needed, but it could not hurt, I figured.

Hope this helps someone - works fine for me now in ESR 45.9.  (c:

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There should not be the need to do that, I haven't recreated nothing.

After adding the fixed gmail.js, it supersedes the version included with the extension.

Gmail.fix that was the answer!

Thanks a lot you all!

We all owe you a drink! 8-)

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Excellent!! Thanks a million.

The great thing about 3.5.23 is that it works even if you set firefox to foget your cookies on closing.



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Nice job!!

Thank you Tobwithu, JustOFF, CFBancroft!

This script together with Firefox v53.0.3 and X-Notifier v3.5.23 (available here: currently works.

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Thank you! That fixed it. :)

Thanks a lot! That fixed it. :)

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just created Github repo, if anyone still have problem try it