PLEASE can someone tell me where to download 3.5.23 for Chrome?

4.0.2 does not work for me at all. Single click does not give me a dropdown to check mails individually, just checks them again. Does not notify me of new mails. I just want to go back to 3.5.23, but can't find a chrome version anywhere, not even a .crx.


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Sounds like a conflicting add-on. You might be better of by solving the conflict.
Anyway, here is the link:


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I don't think so, because I disabled all the ones that would conflict, and it still didn't work. Thanks for the link.

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Just a note that one cannot know which addons would conflict, so when testing, one needs to disable -all- other addons... software is not predictable when it comes to conflicts.
Also, you might remove and and reinstall X-Notifier to see if you get a better installation the second time... but version 4.x is substantially different (more limited) from 3.x.

For anyone still looking, try here: