login verification?

I had to get a new computer.  I installed windows 10, and the latest version of firefox (and X-notifier).  Every time it checked for new mail, it would reload the entire tab in Firefox, which I didn't like.  I thought it was a problem with the latest version, so I went back to the previous version (3.5.23).  For some reason, every time it checks for mail I get a popup asking for login verification for my gmail account.  This seems vaguely familiar, but I don't remember how to fix this.  Anybody else remember how to make this go away?

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"Every time it checked for new mail, it would reload the entire tab in Firefox"
I don't understand what you mean with "the entire tab". Do you mean the browser tab for your Gmail inbox and do you perhaps use the XN option 'Open automaticaly'?

"I get a popup asking for login verification for my gmail account"
You got a new computer. That triggers Gmail's security policy and has nothing to do with X-notifier. The problem will probably go away in time. If not, you'll have to address Gmail to verify it is you using your account on your new computer.

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By "reload the entire tab" what I really meant to say is that it would simply reload the tab.  I don't want Gmail to reload in it's tab every time I click the icon.  In previous versions, there were configurable options, and one of them was "reuse opened tab" and you could deselect "reload the tab" in this case.  I don't remember being able to configure any options in the latest version of Xnotifier?  Did I miss them?  If I could configure it, I would simply uncheck the "reload the tab" box and probably be in business.  I can access the options in 3.5.23, but I can't get that version to check Gmail at all for some reason.

Do you have the latest version loaded, and it doesn't reload Gmail in it's tab every time you click on the Xnotifier icon?

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I have version 3.5.23 in my regular Firefox and the latest version 4.0.2 in a separate FirefoxPortable.

Yes, you're right: 4.0.2 reloads the tab when you click the XN icon and then click an account from the popup. Perhaps a restriction of the new WebExtensions API?

You can try troubleshooting 3.5.23 here:
http://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/dp/node/4  (2. clear cookies and caches)

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I can't reproduce this behavior... using Firefox Portable 52.0.2 with XN 4.0.2  
I open an account by clicking the XN icon, then click an account (like gmail), and I see that it takes a brief moment to settle down (not have an activity arrow circling on tab)... then I open another account by clicking the XN iccon, then click another account (hotmail, or yahoo, or another gmail account, or aol)... no reloading of tabs occurs.

What procedure are you guys doing? Is anyone manually opening a tab and going to gmail.com?  I still don't get a tab reload.  
In the past, the best way to prevent auto-reloading... is to always open accounts from the XN dropdown acct list, so that XN would know the session context of each tab ...or something like that.)

Using Firefox Portable 52.0.2 with XN 4.0.2  and regular installation of Firefox 49.0.1 with XN 3.5.23.

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I am pretty sure ibrubee only means reloading of the clicked account, not of all accounts. (And perhaps he has only one Gmail account configured in X-notifier)
And yes, that is an option in version 3. Not sure why one would like to not get the latest  state of the clicked account. Only when you want to navigate to that account page by XN click that is already opened in a Firefox tab that is also one Firefox click away without XN? Try it in 3.5.23... it doesn´t make sense. You will have to reload the page yourself when you get X-notified of new mail.

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I've tried the procedure I described... in both my setups... FF 49/XN 3.5.23 and FF portable 52/XN 4.0.2 ...same results... no reloading.
I'm not understanding, I guess... so I suppose I'll leave it to you guys.
If I open another account via XN, it doesn't cause any other open account tab or tabs to reload... 4.0.2 or 3.5.23.
If I set XN to check every 1 minute, and send myself email, XN finds new email... the outlook/live.com account tab shows a new email... the gmail tab also shows a new email in the tab title, with "Inbox  (1)" but there are no signs of tabs 'reloading'.  They 'update' with new emails, but I don't see a reload (circling arrow).
Just sayin'...


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I lost the original meaning of the first quote over time (I should get more sleep?):

"Every time it (XN) checked for new mail, it would reload the entire tab in Firefox"

So it=XN when it checks automatically. Is that really what you mean, ibrubeer? Because in your explanation later on you say:

"I don't want Gmail to reload in it's tab every time I click the icon"