Google Docs keeps logging me out constantly every few minutes.

I have X-notifier 4.0.2 at the moment but have had issues with google docs for months (~ a year now). Google Docs keeps logging me out even while I am active at the document. I tried reinstall chrome/clear cache/reinstall os) but the problem is still exist. Recently, I found out if I disable X-notifier on chrome, my google doc is working great. I also disable all other extension except x-notifier, the problem happens again. Yes, I have multiple sign-ins from google,too. So I think there is bug in X-notifier, maybe? Does anybody having the same issues as mine? Thanks

This has been a repeated thing with X-notifier , there is major bug that needs fixed and it's shame the developer makes no time for looking into it for us .

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Nothing is worse than an application which does'nt work. I don't thus use it any more because we don't see the light at the end of the tunnel.