Delayed check on startup

It would be great if it was possible to delay checking some accounts or RSS at startup (instead of checking everything at once on startup).


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X-Notifier 3.5.23 and older for Firefox had a checkbox to enable/disable 'Check on startup'.  Newer 4.x version doesn't.

yes but that is for all accounts. This request is for when you want an important accoount/RSS to be checked at startup only.

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So, to be clear: your request concerns version 3?
Since you cannot expect to see any request granted at this moment, the logical alternative I can see for  version 3 is to turn off the global startup check and give your important accounts the shortest check interval possible (like 1 minute). That way you can control how long you want to delay your non-important accounts. The draw-back being you'll have to practice your patience for 1 minute ;-)

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I was expecting turning off the startup check would honor the individual check interval time, but it doesn't. It just delays the global first check for 1 minute or so.

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Default check interval set at 10 minutes.

[  ] Check on Startup (unchecked)


Click the icon (i.e. RSS) that you want to check right NOW!


10 minutes later it will check ALLLL emails.

That what I am doing this for hundred of year(s), Smile.

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In Firefox old 3.5.23 version of X-Notifier, you need to hold the SHIFT key and click the account in the drop-down list (when you right-click the X-N envelope icon in Firefox)... in order to just check the account for new emails.
Otherwise, clicking the account (without Shift) will open the inbox in new tab.  Works same for toolbar.
In 4.0.2, you can Left click the X-N envelope icon, and hold SHIFT and click the account in the drop-down menu to just check the account for new emails.  Again, just clicking the account (without Shift) will go to its inbox.


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Yes, that was what I was looking for in Firefox 3.5.23.
But Shift+Click does not work for me in the X-notifier sidebar and window. Only in the dropdown.

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Worked for me in drop-menu and on toolbar... it does not work for me either in sidebar or window (just opens new tab inbox).

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I was going to put a 'qualifier' about that option, but I decide not to so as not to further confuse people.
I wonder if that option is only for the main X-Notifier X envelope icon? Or does it affect left-clicking of account icons as well... I don't really want to enable that hidden feature to test it on drop-down menu and toolbar acct icons.

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I have not tried on Toolbar.