Please be nice enough to update the hushmail script (firefox)

It's now been 2 days that the hushmail script does not work anymore.

Would someone be nice enough to update it ?

Thank you so much; I love xnotifier... so useful !


I am using firefox 41 and x-notifier 3.5.23

I contacted Hushmail support and they said that they've been making a lot of changes. 

If someone could please update the XN script, it would be so wonderful.

I'm likewise using XN 3.5.23 but with Firefox 43.0.4.

I love XN and I'll continue to donate.  Thank you so much.    :-)

It seems to have stopped working properly weeks ago. It is especially important because Hushmail requires a login every 3 weeks or accounts are closed. The script seems to be logging in still You can see this under the "Recent Activity" link.) But, the script is not notifying of new messages like before.

Hope it can be updated soon, thanks!

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The X-Notifier developer may need a test acct to update the script... however he has recently opened a medical clinic and whether or not he could get to the update within three days is unknown.
He would need a username and password sent to
I suggest trying to get his attention and reminding of the three day limit first, before sending test acct.
(You could also ask one of the more knowledgeable users in forum to try fixing it... check out the post about 'LinkedIn and deviantArt'... and maybe make a new post about 'Help fixing script' or something.)


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Yes FFUser, you are right: it still logs in.
Just signed up for a 14-day test account and found the solution.
Give me some time to test it out.

Hi RpD,  I don't see any mention of a 3 day limit. I was explaining that Hushmail requires a login every 3 weeks to prevent account closure. We have since found that the script is still logging in to each account. But, it will not notify users of new messages. So we have to check manually until the script is updated. But it isn't urgently needed in 3 days.


Jeroen,  I'm looking forward to hearing back from you on any solution you may have. I would love to migrate to Protonmail, which is even more secure and private. But, there is no X-Notifier script for it yet. Have you checked out that service?


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Don't know why, but I misread 3 weeks as 3 days, or I meant weeks but typed days.
Oops. (need more sleep)

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You can download the adapted Hushmail script from my Dropbox:

Hushmail script  (Leftclick and download from Dropbox)

Thank you Jeroen!  Very greatly appreciated from both you and Dr.  Kang with your busy schedules.  I'll try the script right now.  Thank you, thank you!

Jeroen, thank you so much for solving the Hushmail script issue! It works great!

Is there any chance you could help with a script? It's a great new highly secure and private email service. But, their notifications only work if you always have the account open in the browser. Which makes things complicated if you want to use multiple accounts.

They offer a basic account for free, if you need a trial account. (I would offer incentive for your assistance, but I see no way to contact you directly.) 

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jeroen; Thank you very much.

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Ah, I like 'Thank you's' :-)
You are very welcome!

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I did send the fix to Byungwook.