Two questions about 1and1 (and, potentially, GMail)


About a year ago, I posted that the 1and1 script seemed to no longer be working:

That situation wasn't resolved; although, it's immaterial now. I've since switched to Chrome and there are different issues (I have to use as the server; that's the only way X-Notifier can check the mailbox; but when I click "open" I get a page not found (and then, I need to click on a button for "" that I've placed on my bookmark bar to get to a login screen ....)

So - yes, if a new script is possibe; that would be awesome.


Then, I found an option that I thought could work:

This creates a pop3 account in Gmail. My question -- is there a way to access *that* mailbox with X-notifier? Since I know Gmail plays nice, this wouldn't be terrible, either.



Gmail (and some other webmails) can remotely access -any- account that allows POP3 access (if you set up that access in Gmail settings), and provide emails from it within its own interface.
However, Chrome's addon programming interface does not allow creating a POP3 or IMAP access... that's why there is no POP3 or IMAP script for the Chrome version of X-Notifier.

As for the 1and1 script... it may be fixable (if the developer has or is -provided- a test account to work with), but the X-Notifier developer has become very busy with his primary occupation (he's opening a medical clinic) for some time being.

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Yes, you can create that 1and1 folder in Gmail and let X-notifier notify that Gmail folder (or Label as they call it):
1. Go to X-notifier Options
2. Select your Gmail account in the list on the right
3. Uncheck 'Notify inbox only' on the left
Now you can see your new 1and1 messages in that Gmail Labeled folder like you see in this X-notifier Labeled folder in my Gmail account:
Firefox:     screenprint
Chrome:   screenprint

Hi Jeroen,


This is interesting.

Now, if I have several different "labels" -- is there a way to only include some of them? I have - functionally - four different labels (and the inbox). I only *care* about the inbox and one new label -- that's it.

The other labels are immaterial to me. Is there a way to *just* get the inbox *and* the single label I want? Or, am I going to get everything now (including spam?)

Thanks so much!


(Edit: Answered my own question -- it just lumps everything into one big collective bundle. That's not helpful) :(

I need to - functionally - have a *separate* item in X-Notifier for this single label (especially since I've set it up as such that I can send through Gmail with my email address). Basically, I'm trying to bypass the webmail interface of 1and1, which now takes five steps to access when I'm notified through X-Notifier. :(











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That Gmail 1and1 label can be accessed by X-notifier (your original question).
Sole notification of that label is another requirement.

I wonder if this can be done by registering a separate Gmail account solely serving your 1and1 account. Spam is not an issue, because that is an X-notifier option.

The requirement/challenge is to notify only one logical location in Gmail.
By X-notifier 'Notify inbox only' either checked or unchecked...

'Notify inbox only' checked:
This seemes the impossible option, because one cannot configure a Gmail filter to move a message from a labeled location to the inbox (category: primary). Gmail filters operate only on the inbox as input (makes sense).

'Notify inbox only' unchecked:
This means the inbox should stay empty, so only the 1and1 labeled folder gets checked by XN. Then you should configure a filter to delete the unavoidable incoming messages from inbox categories social and promotions. That seems a feasable solution to me... Whenever other than 1and1 messages come in, you could remove these with another filter.

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ONLY it works version XN 3.5.23 and way back to XN 3.3.3

If you have XN 4.___... you need downgrade to 3.5.23


Hi jeroen

Yes - it seems impossible to do. Because I have 5 aliases (all directly feeding a separate label), I get *everything* from Gmail. 

I'd love to just get an updated 1&1 script - but it's been over a year, and nothing has happened yet :(

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Lemur, I guess you didn't understand me correctly:
You cannot do this with your existing Gmail account.
The idea was to register a new fresh Gmail account exclusively serving your 1and1 account. And nothing else. That's why this new Gmail account should get some filters to keep the inbox empty, so the only location (folder) that gets X-notified will be that Gmail '1and1' labeled folder.

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Well, the most challenging part of constructing a script is replicating the login process to the webmail server. It just might be the present script is still logging in, but the new arriving mail number doesn't get retrieved by the script. I couldn't establish the situation from the info I got here, but in case the login process didn't change and therefore the script is still login in correctly, I would be willing to give it a try... But then I need an account and as mentioned before there is no way to register a free account at 1and1.



Let me see if I can set up a test account there tomorrow. Thank you very much! I think I'm able to get something like 200 free emails :)

How is the best way to get that information to you?

Thank you!






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I registered a separate Gmail account:

    ===  ===

I have sent you an email with info -- let me know via email if you need anything else. :)

I sent it from my actual email address -- so I'll get notifications instantly.

Thank you so much!