Export not prompting for a file location


When pressing export I am asked to enter a password for the file... and that's it.

I have no idea where the file is created (or even if it is created at all).

I have reinstalled the Firefox (removed the profiles as well), both standard 32bit, and nightly 64 bit, and the export was not working in either one. This is not a recent issue for me, tt is like this for a long time, but recently, after I lost all accoutns settings several times (no idea why), I tried to export them... and couldn't. :(

 If anyone can suggest a sollution....

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Are you running Firefox on Windows 10... or ?  What  version of Firefox and X-Notifier?
Seems the 'Save As' window is being blocked from appearing (after entering password twice and clicking Ok).  Don't know if a pop-up blocker or other security software/setting would do that.
If the file was being auto-saved somehow... you could run a file search on your hard drive for the filename:  firefox.xn   ...but seems unlikely.
You could disable other addons to see if there's a conflict with X-Notifier/Export.
You could try installing the 'portable' version of Firefox... (the whole app, etc., installs in one folder, stand-alone) ...and see if that would let  you export.  Once you have your accounts exported... you should be able to import them into your regular Firefox... perhaps...

Portable Firefox:  http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable

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@cristianhaulica: Are you sure you are not confused?

X-notifier for Chrome uses the Chrome Downloads setting: chrome://settings/
Scroll down to Downloads in Advanced Settings. There you can choose to get prompted or use your standard download location. Even then you can still check the location in the Download Manager (Ctrl+J and rightclick on the download).

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Oh, remembering back, I think Chrome defaults to a Downloads location.   And in Chrome settings (Show Advanced settings, Downloads), you can choose to have Chrome always prompt you to select a download location (which I do).   In Chrome... after holding Ctrl+J (to pop-up the Downloads list), one can click the 'Show in folder' link ...if the desired file is listed ...to see where it is downloaded.