X-notifier 4.0.2 only works with Google Chrome Not Firefox At All

So i filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against Mozilla Firefox 

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For report to BBB about Mozilla not allowed API.

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Yahoo accounts work, gmail don't. In opera.

And one off topic question: how to solve the problem of checks more than 10 gmail accounts. With me in the FF version of 4:02 logs only in 10  accounts. Not more than 10? Please help me. THX

The only browser so far helps is for me to use Google Chrome with X-notifier 4.0.2

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Has anyone fixed the x-notifier and Firefox incompatability issue yet? Or is there a workaround?

All of my Gmail accounts have disapeared!

There still seems to be a issue with Firefox , this has not got fixed yet what I'm doing is either using OPERA or  CHROME  .  You can actually fix OPERA to work with CHROME extensions . Here is the way to solve it ,  https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/download-chrome-extension-9/  with using CHROME . Once you download that Chrome extension go to Chrome Store and add the add-ons that says add to OPERA . It will allow you to add X-Notifier and I don't have a bit of problems with Chrome Add-ons working on OPERA browser . 

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After updating to ver.4.0.2, everything is screwed up. Can't access the mails from the X-Notifier & even if I can, randon accounts open (I have 4 hotmail & 3 Yahoo accounts).