Yahoo Again

Once again Yahoo is not able to be checked, and opening it from x-notifier takes me to the Yahoo login page rather than lsigning me straight in.

They must do this just to stop us from using a convenient addon like this. A nuisance for sure.



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Yahoo will ask you something such as verify? * phone? * email correct?
and you click "update or ok", then X-notifier will work again.

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Maybe that's the reason for most of these problems, but I don't get this option to verify on the login screen. I think it might be to do with having provided another yahoo account as a security option and it wants me to choose which account to log into.

I cannot remove the second account from my security settings either

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Gmail ask me if I want to open other Gmail account.
I click "NO", so I can use TWO (actually 10 gmail acct.) Gmail seperate!

My settings...
[X] Enable auto login
[X] Auto login default account
[X] Use multiple login
[nochecked] Keep session for links

On my Macintosh... So far did not give me any trouble.

I assume that same thing with your Yahoo?

My Yahoo account has been red for a long time. But when I click on it from the Xnotifier dropdown, it connects just fine. But I do not get any unread counts.