"Local" master password


First time on this forum... maybe question or suggestion already posted, but I hadn't found it.

I'm using your addon to check above 10 mailboxes in 10 minutes interval. Unfortunately, some times, I must allow some of my coleguages and bosses to work in my PC and browser. But I don't want to allow them even see which e-mail addresses I have.

It will  be a great feature to have some kind of "local" master password. It can even replace master password feature in FireFox and bring it to Chrome, which haven't such must-have feature!

So, my suggestion...

1) before start checking and even displaying e-mails to be checked, addon asking "local" password (which even can differs form browser's master password). If password matched - addon begin to work. 

2) in addon's toolbar icon menu appears new item - "Lock". when press it - addon stops checking, hides all e-mails in menu and adds "Unlock" item.

3) If I press "Unlock" menu item, addon asking me again my "local" master password and all starting from the begining.

Please, notice, that this is a great advantage for Chrome, which haven't "master password" feature, while this suggestion really can replace its absence.

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Thank you for bring it up...

Tobwithu DID wrote program "Local" master password on Firefox! (as your explain and suggest.)

Mozilla asked Tobwithu to use Firefox's master password.

Tobwithu obey Mozilla and ever-since.

I can NOT give you exact word for word what we discuss in past because it lost forum. This is "third" forum, Tobwithu successful to keep "second" forum as you see... but FIRST forum LOST forever that we did discuss in past but I am lucky that I recall what we discuss, Smile.

Attn: Tobwithu

Only left is CHROME! as your suggest above...

I let Tobwithu read about this, and his respond?

>> Mozilla asked Tobwithu to use Firefox's master password.
I wasn't told about replacing, I suggested new/additional feature. Which one user will use - it have to be user's decision but not Mozilla's.
By the way, absence in Chrome such muster password prevent me from using it as my mail checker.
At last, this can be done for "nonMozilla" browsers only ;)

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I "assume" that Mozilla will not allowed "user's decision"???

Regard to Chrome (as well as Safari, Opera) that is good idea about master password with-in X-notifier!

Why not? in FireFox I can don't set master password, but I can set it in x-notifier ;)

It must be x-notifier internal security feature. If I want - I'll use it, regardless any browsers' rules.