1and1 script for Chrome


A few months ago, 1and1.com must have changed the protocol for logging in. At the time, I was using Firefox (and posted about that here: http://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/dp/node/3160, although a solution was never found).

I've since moved to Chrome and find myself *wishing* I could return to that way! Now, if I enter the server as "imap.1and1.com" - my name is red (not checked), and clicking it brings me to "cannot reach this page" error. I then changed it to email.1and1.com (which isn't the server, but rather the page that I use to check the mail). This way, my mail *is* checked (I get a count of unread messages), but clicking on it again returns to a "page not found" error.

Please help :)

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Did you ever try the POP3 or IMAP scripts on Firefox version of X-Notifier to access 1&1 ?
As you probably know, Chrome does not support POP3/IMAP ...and newer 4.x versions of X-Notifier on Firefox won't either nor custom scripts. 
If no other script expert steps up, I'd think you'll just have to try sending the test account to the developer again, until you get a response one way or another.