X-notifier Version 4.0.1 does not work

Hi, I'm using Firefox 50 beta 1 and I noticed today X-notifier was auto updated to v.4.0.1

Well, it does not show any of my previously configured accounts from v.3.x and I can't configure them again from scratch. When I go to 'Options' the dropdown menu does not show any email provider:


I also read that this version will not support scripts to use additional email providers, is that true?


Thank you.

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Same issue here.  With firefox nightly I was able to force a redownload of an older version that worked fine, but you can't do that with the normal version. 

I actually imported my old emails db, and it just "tries" to check email and never completes.

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Thanks for your reply, I thought it could be a problem in my config. I downgraded too installing 3.5.23 manually from mozilla addons website and setting the addon to not auto-update.

Older versions are here: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/xnotifier/versions/

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Thanks for your reply. I already read that comment but the problem is v.4.0.1 does not work at all (see my screenshot, the email providers are blank). If the scripts will not work in the future then it's time to look for alternatives.

I don't need IMAP/POP3 support but I need a script for yandex mail.

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http://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/dp/node/3353 (admin):

--- Added in 2016-09-08 -------------------------------

X-notifier 4.0 could not pass review process of AMO.

 This is because of 'eval' function which is used to load userscript.

 It means that you cannot use userscript in X-notifier 4.0 for Firefox.

I recommend to use X-notifer Neo.

That update seems out of date?  Why is there a 4.01 released if he recommends Neo?  
I sent him a question about what 4.x is, since I'm not updating anything.

Got an answer and he said 4.x is nearly the same as Chrome version except (for lack of) user scripts.
So, it's not Neo.

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X-notifier Neo doesn't work neither, I just tried it in Firefox 50 beta3, it does not detect any account.

If you want to play with another version, there's X-Notifier Lite, for FF versions 8 - 49

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Installed Portable Firefox 50.0 Beta 4, X-notifier 4.0.1 & then X-notifier Neo

X-notifier Neo auto-detects my Gmail & Yahoo account without even having to logout&login.

My added other Gmail accounts also get detected.

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For me, X-notifier 4.0.1 on Portable Firefox 50.0 Beta 4 works with only one account.
Whether it is a Gmail, Yahoo or XN-forums account.
An added (enabled) account will work, but stop the previously working account, causing X-notifier to hang (red).
Limiting (disabling) to one account will restore peace.

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Interesting, I tried again with Firefox 50 b4 but I can't even make it work with a single account. My 'options' page still does not show any email provider as you can see in the screenshot I posted in the OP.

I suppose we must wait until Firefox 50 stable (november) to draw definitive conclusions.

Regards and thanks for the testing.

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No way your issue is a Firefox issue. I believe, your basic install of X-notifier got corrupted some way.

The fact your XN options dropdown list does not show the included accounts tells me something went wrong either during install or by conflicting extensions. The dropdown list of included accounts is part of the basic install. You have other extensions installed?

Also, in my recent experience, the XN settings don't get removed by re-install (long ago this was an option during XN update). So it makes sense to me your XN settings don't get resolved by updating Firefox and reinstalling XN. Once your dropdown is empty it will stay empty after update. You should either remove some hidden file or start from scratch.

I use Portable Firefox to test 4.0.1. The whole thing gets installed in one directory of your choice. When I get conflict I just remove the whole folder and reinstall. That is what I did after playing with importing my accounts from XN 3.5.23. It succesfully imported all my accounts, but of course caused major problems.

I recommend using Portable. After editing (AllowMultipleInstances=true) and copying the Other/Source/FirefoxPortable.ini file to the top exe directory, I even can run both Firefox versions simultaneously. Easy peasy...

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Thanks for the tips, I'm busy right now to make experiments with my profile but I will definitely try it when there is a fixed version. If 4.0.1 only works with a single account it does not serve me anyway.

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For me, X-notifierver 3.5.23 on Portable Firefox 49.0.1 works just fine.

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firefox 50.o5b portable


If in fact the current firefox beta is compatible with v4.01, then it is the firefox profile that has the problem.  Im confident that was your point, I just wanted to clarify a bit further.

The bottom line is that if you are having a problem with xnotifier 4.01 (or any addon for that matter, using your current firefox profile), create a fresh firefox profile to test xnotier and xnotifier alone (very simple to do), where there will be nothing to conflict with xnotifier, except of course how it interacts with whatever version of firefox is being run.  If it works properly, your old profile has a problem.  If it doesnt work, then its xnotifier.

I ran xnotifier on a fresh profile and had pretty much same experience as Jereon.  It retained the settings, but aside from that, with multiple accounts in the settings, did not function beyond showing the accounts,  With only one account enabled, it did take me to a gmail login page, not to the gmail sccount.  Im guessing maybe thats because Im set up for dual verification.

Just reverted back to 3.5.23 and it's working...not perfect, pretty much like it has for some time now.   Doesnt check my accounts.  Doesnt recognize account verification codes from Google Authenticator, but it will take me to either the email page itself (for one of my 2 gmail acounts) or places I can login (2 way verification)