Outlook.com/hotmail down

I haven't been able to connect to my outlook email for around a week now.

Hopefully someone is looking at it and working on a fix?



Hello there,  this past  Saturday i had to call Microsoft and they did a screen sharing with me

and  they was able to fix the problem , I wasn't able to login to my Outlook emails for over 12 hours

finally  after they did a screen sharing , The guy at Microsoft was able to fix the problem  so this is

not a issue  with  X-Notifier  but  mainly with  Windows 10 users.

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Hi Cyber thanks for the response.

I can still access outlook.com and read my emails fine, even clicking the link in xnotifier takes me there and logs on. The problem I have is the xnotifier extension in chrome shows up red and doesn't highligh new emails.

Something I haven't done is check on my home pc. I use windows 10 at home with firefox. I'm using windows 7 and chrome here at work.

I have a couple dozen accounts and X-Notifier on Firefox is now checking them all perfectly, but a couple of the same accounts have had trouble in X-Notifier on Thunderbird, and X-Notifier on Chrome... (they go to Inbox, but aren't checked).  I've fussed with the accounts in Chrome X-Notifier and gotten my outlook.com and live.com accounts to work (both of them plus hotmail work through the same servers... my hotmail always works).  Not sure what I did but I logged out of account, then closed tab, re-clicked my X-Notifier drop-down list account, then check while it's open... re-enter my passwords in X-Notifier Options, etc. (I allow Chrome to save passwords.)  For the time being all three accounts are now working in Chrome.  (Oddly, my only Chrome X-Notifier for Facebook account  is not checking, but logs me in... but I have Facebook accts on Firefox version working fine.)   Perseverance/tinkering may pay off.

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All back to normal, thanks Dev