Gmail script broke again?

i'm getting all my gamils notification red. do anyone of you have the same problem?


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I am having the same problem, gmail is not working.

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I also have the same issue. Only checks 1 gmail account, not the other ones. 

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I too have the same problem

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I have 5 Gmail.... all works, right now I am locate at Japan.

I guess, we will wait for one or two weeks before all the world update website... before Tobwithu able to update Gmail Script.

Yes. Only my main account can be accessed.

Been experiencing it for a couple of days now. Previously, it doesn't work if you have more than 10 accounts. A simple working solution was to log out and check all again. Now, it's really broken.

Working fine on Firefox, even if you have more than 10 accounts. 

I also have the same issue. Only checks 1 gmail account, not the other ones, fix it please!

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Hi any updates to fix this please,  thanks 

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I have the same problem! Hope you can fix it soon. Many thanks!

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same prolem here too on opera 39

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I have noticed this problem for a couple of weeks now. Only checking one account. I have to manually check the other accounts. 

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Fixed in 3.5.22

Hi the Safari version downloadable from the link is still xnotifier3.5.18.safariextz , maybe a mistake?

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Safari version cannot be updated.

Apple has requested $99 per year for safari extension developer.

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fixed! thanks tobwithu! ;)

I was talking about the safari version, has this been updated? Thanks

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tnx!but the gmail script stopped working again!

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Thank you, worked on Chrome immediately after I installed it, no need to uninstall first or logout from gmail. Now I have to figure out how to get this on over to Opera, my default browser.