Popup Notification is TOO LONG

Hello, is it possible to change the duration of the popup notifier?  I love this addon but the notice only needs to be about 3 seconds at the most, and I think it's more like 15.   I don't remember it being so long in the past, but maybe it's always been this way. 


Maybe try:
and change the default value of 4000 to a lower number

You might need to do a firefox restart after changes.

Let me know if it works so that I can recommend it to others.


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Sorry but modifing that setting has not effect.

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I had a look at the source code and the long popup time gets caused by the calculated animation (thread) time. I didn't find where it goes wrong, but when you change (Toggle) the about:config preference alerts.disableSlidingEffect to true, the timeout of the notification popup gets set to the fixed extensions.xnotifier.notificationDelay (4 sec). Restart Firefox after the pref change.
So, as long as admin hasn't fixed the issue, you can use that fix.