Lack of support, communications from dev.

I've been a long time user of x-notifier (both neo and the old version) and it has been working well until recently, however I've seen a number of reports here and elsewhere regarding hotmail/outlook transistion that has broken the extension.  And there have been no replies indicating these are being looked into or actioned.

I'm not expecting an instant fix but I'd like to know if the fault is being addressed?



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I'm sorry to hear about your complaint, but I can ensure you that there is still activity behind the scene. For example, in the last 24 hours my account on this forum has been deleted. I had to choose new username, because my old one had been taken... so, the former me is still alive in the system, but completely locked in... — For the developer this might be a way to show his/her gratitude for the donations I've made on several occasions in the past... :-p

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An unexpected e-mail with a link for riviving my account has arrived. Suddenly! Out of the blue... perhaps it is that making donations helps! Just a theory... but I like the experiment, so I've made another one! — Small, ofcourse. :-)