A Gmail Account is always red regardless the updates!


my problem has occurred with more or less the last three updates of X-notifier. A Gmail account is always red and I have to click it check if I have e-mails.



please, how can I solve this problem?


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no answer?!


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why don't I have any reply?

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I've the same problem. The latest upgrades don't solve the bug.

I have several gmail accounts, but I experience the problem only with the gmail accounts with 2-steps verification.

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I am using 2-steps verification, too.

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Use this one for multiple accounts Gmail on Chrome:


And this one for multiple accounts Hotmail/Yahoo on Chrome:


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It's really a good idea. many thanks for your precious assistance. but it would be better if he problem is fixed in X- Notifier itself.

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No Prob Bro Glad that I helped you ;)

Yes it would be better, but in the meantime I have not found other solutions.

See you later ...:)

gmail.com has gone red for me too ... just recently .. using Chrome.  Only have one gmail account.

Seems to have magically fixed itself.  Working fine for me ... now.

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Add me to the list of those experiencing a failure with all Gmail accounts

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Have any of you tried this?....  (2FA = Two Factor Authentication)

disabling 2FA, having x-notifier check for email and succeed, enabling 2FA again

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I finally fixed it on two of my laptops, I had to clean the cookies first, then sign in my Gmail account using X-notifier, it asks for the verification code that I receive through my phone...