I wish I knew...

... the usefulness of a very useful plugin which has no support in a forum where no one supports. We are here, available to any test, help and support. Someone (anyone) let us know what we should do: continue? Abandon? Resign? Insist?

Would it be correct to close everything and goodbye my friends.

Thanks for any (polite) reply.

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Even retail software doesn't always have good support.  The usefulness varies depending on user needs.
You can try sending an email to xndevel@gmail.com for official support. Or... use this forum, where the developer attends sometimes but otherwise, as in many user forums, other users will try to help.

However, as 'donationware' (software that you reward the developer by sending him a donation), support isn't always guaranteed.
And that's accepted, normal, etc.  The developer has been less present lately, but has responded, eventually, to some script problems.
This software is not a main mode of making his living... it's a cooperative benefit to the rest of us, many of whom have NOT donated.
This software has been working well for me for years now.  At the moment, I do seem to have a problem with AOL email checking, but I may not even post about it here, as it's a secondary account for me. When I have a script problem, I try to provide a test account to the developer to help him fix the problem sooner for us all.  Otherwise, I wait.  

If this is unacceptable to users, they are free to move to something more up-to-the-minute and well paid/supported.
I have over 20 accounts and most of the time (high 90-percents), X-Notifier takes care of them all.

With this donationware, it can take several posts to the forum to build a concensus that something is broken (oftentimes by email providers and -not- X-Notifier), and not just some user's poorly maintained or defective computer/setup... to reach a level triggering developer attention. That can simply be how some lesser priority, sideline, programs work.
If it's critical that you have greater uptime and less delay... I'd say find another product to fit your needs.

The vagaries of life will intrude more at times and less at other times on the developer's life and so support to a donationware product, will wane or wax, depending.  Sometimes, software just stops... othertimes we learn about details of slowdowns or termination, later.
X-Notifier is still pretty viable for me, and many others.

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I wrote to that address on April 27 , and I have received no response.
I read people asking for help, the same people who have downloaded the plugin in full confidence and someone will have also donated something.
XNotifier is working for you and many others ... I am happy, so then we can abandon others with problems.
Latins says: mors tua vita mea.
Translate it for yourself or donate me something. ;-)
Have a nice day.

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You asked for a polite reply... then you reply with ...what... sarcasm?  "Translate it yourself" etc.

I don't feel like googling it.  I'm not a Catholic either.  It's late and I'm fresh out of grace.

SOME delay is to be expected with software that is provided to many users (for free), sometimes it may even take a frequent forum user to report the problem after enough people post about having the same problem... without offering up a test account.

So carpé diem and learn to write scripts and you know, take the initiative and fix it yourself or... provide a test account or... wait for the developer to attend to it... or get snide and stomp off, etc.

Sorry.   Now I can't help it, you may have a legitimate gripe, but mors tua vita mea ...yourself. You want to take advantage of someone who provides a kindly donationware service which is not offered by anyone else as well as this someone has been doing it for so long. 

If you think the X-Notifier developer is screwing you, go ahead and find something better.  
It works "well enough" for me... even when I have to wait for a script update... because I can always just go to the email website manually until it's fixed.

Don't put  your critical business or impatience on a donationware software basis.

I did not post just to say "too bad for you, it works for me"... that's not what I said.  I explained the "laid back", easy going nature of many donationwares.   Premium $$$ payments gets premium service and pays for the ridiculous amount of support to the many false bug users flooding the few with legitimate notices of bugs or script failures due to capricious internet email providers that keep changing logins. The developer here has been attending to this software graciously for years... so maybe he has another priority for a while.

I'm not a fanatic or an apologist.
So it could be better and he could make it a retail product and charge $50 or more just to use it, so he could hire a support team, etc.

If you don't like it, fine... move along, no sarcasm or Latin needed.  Say it in plain English or whatever language you post in, which wasn't Latin.  This isn't ancient Rome and this is not a case of the strong preying on the weak or parasiting off of poor dumb host bodies.
Or work within the forum with others to bring about the desired result over time...

"Have a nice day."     (Personally, I think that's overused and meaningless.   Breathe a lot of good air.   Have a lot of pretty gold.  Be a nice and patient person.  Good things come to those who wait.  Carpé diem.)    
 Illegitimi non carborundum.    ;-b     No offense, that's just good advice for whatever problems assail you.


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Sarcasm and irony are two different words with different meaning.
No form of Catholicism, where you saw it?
"Mors tua vita me" is a Latin phrase not Catholic or religious, and isn't an offense, it means "if you die I live" and referred to the fact that if it works to you who's care of others.
You write too much, you're too nervous and too ignorant.
I think you should give you calm down (it's a suggest).
Good day and good life (and seriously, no sarcasm or irony, evil never wishes to none).

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That latin phrase suggests someone is taking advantage of another's misfortune.
And you seem to be accusing someone of "abandoning others".

So exactly who is taking advantage?  You seem to dislike Tobwithu, the developer and his means of support.
I think you are spoiled, demanding immediate support, and ignorant of the concept of donationware... underpaid/secondary support.  Just recently, the entire plugin was updated.  If you care to state a specific problem script, maybe someone could comment... maybe you should 'try again' with email to xndevel@gmail.com ...instead of posting indirect, snide "I wish I knew" attacks.
So good day to  you too.  This is a waste of my time, as we're not communicating, or you're trolling (google it) ...English is obviously not your primary language and you don't appreciate when someone takes the time to write a long thoughtful answer.

I'm done here.
Restraint off.

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As of AOL email not  working on my Mac with Firefox.

I did send private email to Tobwithu, let him look into and update soon.

Edit: I did re-send email to Tobwithu with "Please look into AOL scripts" Again.

ALSO, Thanks to RpD f0r other long write respond to iFab,

but again other more "Whack-A-Mole" on that person!

I hope that Tobwithu got into inspire what RpD wrote and to update scripts for US all.



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I don't know what the original problem was... other than lack of attention ...that caused this wishing for knowing... sarcasm.
Maybe you can forum search the username to see what set him off.

Not a contest... I could have said I have over 5 accounts or over 10 or many, many... without a number   ;-p   ;-b   :-0  :)   >:}  


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Thank you!