x-notifier Crash

as topic suggests but i am using Chrome 29. the x-notifier icon always crashes but i can still login to my desired gmail account

So, are you running Dev channel or 'bleeding edge' Canary channel?
Beta channel is only 28.x

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?
(Export your accounts from Options, first)



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What do you mean by icon crash?

In Chrome it can take some time to get the first checking response when starting the browser. When you click the icon the popup can remain empty for a long time. It can help clicking Check Now, when not all your accounts get checked. But when either the popup is still empty or only is showing the unchecked accounts, it is best to be patient.

Hope that helps ;-)

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Well... trying Chrome myself now... and I stand  corrected:

None of my 12 Google accounts, including YouTube (that keeps on checking) and Google+ are working in XN. Clicking the greyed out account does not open any. But I can login manually. So it seems all the scripts that use Google to login have a problem on Chrome.

I'm on stable release 27.x  ...and have three accounts, plus Google + and YouTube ...and they all are checking fine in Chrome 27.x.

AND...  I just installed the Canary version 29.x... (you can install the Canary build separately, by default, from regular Chrome... don't know if Dev version can be installed separate) ...and... I signed in with my gmail account which let the Canary build sync all my bookmarks, and all my add-ons.  X-Notifier loaded up, but I had to import my accounts from saved export.   The first check failed to complete on a few accounts... Gmail, Google+, YouTube being among them... then I clicked a gmail account and it logged right into my Inbox in a new tab.
 BUT... of course, I clicked "Check Now" and then... EVERYTHING WORKS on Chrome (canary) 29.x  ...all my Gmail, Google+, and YouTube plus all the other Chrome scripts that I have, worked... checked all my accounts.  I didn't have very much new 'mail', but nothing is 'red' (UNchecked).

So... for what that's worth... maybe some troubleshooting is in order.


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I am not at home right now, but it is possible I damaged my Chrome by installing Orbit (rmtp) Downloader earlier that (yester)day. It f-uped FF and Chrome, so I uninstalled it again (should have googled its reputation first). But it is possible this caused some damage on my Chrome (FF is still ok). So I should reinstall XN. I will let you know later.

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Uninstall/re-install solved my Chrome issue.

ok i should have put more info in, sorry guys


but it turns out that x-notifier is Greyed out but gives me a button to press " reload " to load x-notifier again but it still kinda dont work.


   im running the DEV channel 29


iv'e tried uninstalling Chrome an reinstalling an then reinstalling x-notifier in Chrome again to try fix the issue but it still remains

When you say X-Notifier is greyed out... where?? Is that in the 'Extensions' list in Chrome Settings??

If you're not getting a good install... then... anything can happen I suppose.
As I mentioned, I just used Google Sync (from Chrome Stable 27.x) to install X-Notifier in the Canary build 29.x, and... it works.

- The X-Notifier envelope icon is normally gray when there are no new emails.
- The accounts in the pop-up list (left-click X-Notifier envelope icon) are gray when they are not the 'primary' account on a single script (you can have multiple accounts in Gmail for example, only the 'default' checked account will be bold/black... the others are normally gray, but will turn bold/black if you click them to make them temporarily primary, to auto-log into their Inbox in a new tab when you click them a second time). 
- The add-ons are gray when they've been disabled (UNcheck the 'Enabled' box)... or... when they've crashed apparently.

I've never seen a 'reload' button... perhaps be a failed extension installation... ?  So then you're loading over a possible corrupt install.   I'd say try to get a clean install... the first time.  Not much help, but... if at first you don't succeed....

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Quoting RpD:
" the others are normally gray, but will turn bold/black if you click them to make them temporarily primary, to auto-log into their Inbox in a new tab when you click them a second time)."

Clicking Check Now in the XN popup will check all the 'secondary' accounts after staying grayed out on first check on browser startup.

My Gmails and Mail.com secondary accounts will blacken up after 'Check Now'... but my Hotmail and Facebook secondary accounts can tend to remain in a less dark color.

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I have only one account for Hotmail and Facebook. So I cannot share your experience ;-)

NB: I almost thought YouTube was not working on Chrome, but it just took a long time and repeated 'Check Now's.

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I installed Chrome 29.0.1535.2 canary on Win XP and installed X-notifier only.
I could not find any problem.
How can I reproduce this problem?


the Extension is Greyed out in Tools > Extensions . it does give me the option to hit Reload to reload the extension but thats useless. all i have to do is Close Chome an restart the browser an it happens again.


the only other extension i got installed is Adblock Plus, my OS is win7 64bit

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my x-notifier 3.3.2 always crash in google chrome 29.0.1530.2 dev-m

reinstall the extension but still crash.


NOTE:  The "Reload" feature is a tool for Developers to reload an extension that they are working on, without having to uninstall/reinstall their extension... so they can change things in an extension's programming/code and test it.
'Reload' appears to be only available in the Developer version... (duh ;)... and also helps recover from crashes apparently.

I'm now running Dev channel version 29.0.1530.2 dev-m (in my Windows 8 64bit "Guest" account) ...and... I loaded X-Notifier from the Chrome webstore ...and it works fine... for a time.   But it seems various things will make X-Notifier crash... such as when I installed apps from the Chrome webstore... or when I started the Internet TV add-on.  Reloading does not seem to restore the X-Notifier icon.  Regardless of whether you 'reload' or not... simply restarting Chrome dev-m will cause X-Notifier to reappear...and work.

Most of the time, in Chrome Tools, Extensions... an add-on is 'grayed out' when it is disabled... deliberately by UNchecking the 'Enabled' box, or due to a crash.  

To me... it seem the Developer version is unstable somehow where the Stable 27.x release and the Canary 29.x release are not.
I did not notice this crashing with the Canary version, but I didn't run it very long... however, perhaps the Chrome team has fixed the problem with changes in the Canary version... and you might wait for the Canary build features/fixes to work their way down to the Developer build.

 I think that's just one of the hazards of using developer and bleeding edge versions, but perhaps Tobwithu may spend time on the problem... Or... not.

i did install Canary build an x-notifier worked fine without a hitch, but as you saidd dev-m for some reason it crashes in dev version of Chrome but not in Canary build. . i just think once the dev version of Chrome gets to the same build number as Canary it should be fixed an x-notifier will work again without crashing.

just updated to 29.0.1535.3 dev-m an all works fine now, so thread can be closed