Need Option for Xnotifier Toolbar

1. Please make an Option for the Xnotifier Toolbar to be hidden when Firefox starts.

If I want to view the Xnotifier Toolbar I can easily go to Viewmenu/Toolbars/Xnotifier Toolbar

OR Rightclick on toolbars/Xnotifier Toolbar.

2. And also an Option for no Xnotifier Toolbar so that if in some profiles you don't want it and then you don't have to wait for it to load.


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Please transfer hotmail to or

The last days Microsoft is transfering hotmail accounts and will deleate hotmail as extension.

Please make update and put newest information to the forum.


Thanks in advance

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If  you post an unrelated problem to someone else's thread, that's called 'hijacking' and tends to get ignored.  You should make your own new post on your own subject.

My hotmail and and all continue to work fine... 
...I expect Microsoft will send everyone a notice email when they terminate the address, and I expect they will offer to forward emails addressed to ...especially if you reserved the same name at
Why should X-Notifier have to do anything?  It works for all three... hotmail, and  ...all you have to do is define your account to be whichever  you use.  X-Notifier can't anticipate everything every mail provider will do... and X-Notifier cannot forward email... that is not its purpose.


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It seems all you have to do is enable or disable the toolbar in the View menu.   If it is NOT checked, the toolbar should -not- show up when Firefox starts.  That's how it works for me.  I don't use it, except sometimes I just temporarily enable it to see how it looks... then I just UNcheckmark it in the View menu and it never displays.

Oh you are right RpD. Needed to UNcheck.

Thankyou thanyou thankyou so much RpD !

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Gmail does not work.

Is there any need to change a config?

Because outlook and yahoo work correct.


Thanks in advance