Chrome: Notifications are hiding even though "auto hide notifcations" is UNchecked.

I do not want the notification to dissapear (hide).  I've unchecked the "auto hide" notification box, checked the "auto hide" notification box, restarted chrome, reinstalled xnotifier, rebooted the computer, etc.  Still, I leave the "auto hide notifications" box UNchecked and the notifications will still always disappear in about 5-7 seconds.

I don't have this issue in firefox, they stay up until the mail is checked or I physically close the notification.  On Chrome, however, not a chance.. 

Any suggestions?  Bug?

Thanks in advance!

Chrome Version 49.0.2623.112 m

X-notifier Version: 3.5.19 

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Nobody has had this same occurance?  It's just a bug on my chrome?

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It appears X-Notifier is not honoring the auto-hide setting (UNchecked to disable auto-hide).

The lower right screen corner pop-up for notifications will hide on my Chrome setup also... even if auto-hide is UNchecked.


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This is because of the changes in Chrome 50.

Fixed in X-notifier 3.5.20.

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Thanks... for all.

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Yep, works now.  Unfortunately, unlike firefox, now it won't go away after clicking on it.  I have to manually close it each time.. 

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Notifications pop up and then auto-hide.