Need help with Gmail login

I've been having this Gmail login issue for a while. Tried various methods as suggested in the forum and it's still not working. Only checks the default gmail account. Had to log out one of the gmail accounts and then check again. A bit annoying since I have to do so every time I launch Chrome or after the computer went into sleep mode.

Here's what I did so far:

1) export list, remove extension, install extension from Chrome Web Store, import list 

2) remove all extensions and reinstall x-notifier

3) add gmail accounts manually after new install of x-notifier

4) remove Chrome browser's cache files, data and cookies (including clearing up the system using CCleaner)

5) tried to create a log but there's no message pop up or it does anything when you click on 'log'

Nothing works so far. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Well, I am not using Chrome that often anymore. But I have 2 Gmail accounts set up there and just confirmed the non-default one is getting notified succesfully there by XN. Got that issue solved a long time ago and tried to search the forum for info how I did this...

You seem to have covered all the bases. I just question the order in which you are handling your action points: I would do your action point 4) after 1) remove extension and then first restart Chrome browser before continue to 1) install from Chrome Web Store.

Thanks for your reply. It was just a list of things I did, not how I handled it in that order. The most extensive thing I did was:

  1. remove the extension (done many times)
  2. install new extension
  3. manually add all the gmail accounts
  4. export the setting
  5. remove all extensions
  6. clear cache, browsing data, etc
  7. restart windows (not just the Chrome browser, just to be sure)
  8. install x-notifier extension
  9. import
  10. save

I even tried Checker Plus by Jason Savard. That one works but I like the idea of opening all the gmail accounts at the same time on different tabs. 

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Ah, found it. But you probably read that post:

Yea, read that before.

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That's frustrating...

How about a total uninstall of Google Chrome, removing all it's extensions and settings and cleaning out system with CCleaner, before restarting windows and then do a clean re-install.

Just added some of my other Gmail accounts to make sure it continues to work and it does...

I am still on Windows XP, that no longer should receive Google Chrome updates according to the statement on the About page. But my Stable version nr is still updating though (49.0.2623.110 - March 28 2016).

I thought I would wait for that as a last resort. Anyway, I just spent about an hour or so doing several complete uninstalls of Google Chrome like you suggested. At first I added the gmail accounts manually one at a time. I would then restart Chrome just to see if it works. It did for a while until I added more Gmail accounts. It stopped working after 7 or 8 Gmail accounts. Then the whole x-notifier doesn't work anymore (i.e. only checks the default account). I tried the same clean unistall with importing the x-notifier files too. Doesn't work either. Right now I have 10 gmail accts with 3 yahoo accts. Do you think x-notifier may not work when you have too many gmail accounts? 

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Yes, I now get that you know your options ;-)

I now have defined 6 Gmail accounts in Chrome. So I will add some of my other work accounts and see what happens then... Btw, do you use 2-step? (I don't)

I'm not using 2-step authentications. 

Just installed Firefox 64 bit on my Win 7. Went to install x-notifier for Firefox and imported the data file. Everything just works there! Restart firefox and it's working fine. Hopefully it wont' break after I shut down the laptop. Looks like i might have to ditch Chrome and go back to Firefox!! 

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Working with 9.
But now am getting your problem adding nr 10:  only the default account keeps working.
So, replicated your issue: 9 is the limit.

Glad that you could replicate the problem! Hope that narrows down the bug. 

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And now it won't work with 2 either...

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Doesn't recover either after restarting windows.
I bet I will find a one digit account array, when diving into the Chrome X-notifier code.
Populating 1 to 9 instead of 0 to 9  (= 10) possible occurences.