I don't want to be notified of spam messages.


I've checked "Inbox Only" at least 4 times, but I still get notified every time a spam message arrives.

X-Notifier works correctly in Firefox.

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  1. You neglect to inform us what account is causing you this problem.
  2. When you want to change options for that account you should first select it in the list on the right side.
  3. Many accounts offer a separate 'Include spam' option.
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Hi jeroen, thanks for the response.

1. My gmail account is the problem.

2. Of course.

3. I leave that box unchecked.

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  1. you have the latest X-notifier version 3.5.19 installed.
  2. you click the Save button after changing an option.

Spam notification is not depending on the 'Notify inbox only' option, which determines (smart) label notification (Categories and when you use filter + archive=skip inbox to redirect incoming messages to a label).
But I also wonder why you have to repeat checking the 'Notify inbox only' option. It does not get set? Then I suspect your X-notifier installation got corrupted, possibly by another installed add-on.

You can export your settings and then either test X-notifier in a fresh Chrome profile or/and re-install (remove X-notifier, restart browser, install X-notifier from link: Chrome Web Store- when you use spanish/italian then change link parameter hl=en-US to hl=es / hl=it).