Gmail accounts showing errors

Only the primary gmail account will report unread. All other accounts will not report unread emails and are colored red (indicating an error?)

I have tried to submit a log but I have not been successful. See here:

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Yes, I did. I forgot to mention that in my original post. I even tried using the Gmail BASIC script you had right below, in hopes that something would change.

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Chrome, yes?
And you don't use the 2-step verification?

I'm on Chrome Version 48.0.2564.116 m (64-bit) and I don't use 2-step verification

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Ok.. now.. and at the risk of being over-meticulous...

But did you take the exact mentionel steps to re-install:
(Remember for some of us it is working after re-install)

Another possibility can be one of your other add-ons is interfering with X-notifier...
Now, I only have used this in Firefox, but Chrome also has the feature of maintaining multiple profiles. By starting a new (clean) profile you could first add only X-notifier to see if that works. When it does, add your other add-ons one-ny-one, checking X-notifier after each add-on.

Good (is it a matter of?) luck...

Thanks so much for your help so far jeroen.

I've taken all your suggested steps.

I went ahead and did a reinstall of xnotifier using your instructions. The reinstall seemed to work briefly, but the next time x-notifier check for messages, the same problem came up again.

Then, I created a new profile and only added x-notifier and imported my accounts. I actually got the accounts to work so I thought you might be write about an interferring extension. I disabled all my extensions, restarted Chrome, and enabled x-notifier. This time, however, I still got the same problem.

Finally, I decided I would try to manually log out of my gmail accounts and log back in. I had done this before, but it didn't seem to do anything. I logged out, restarted, logged back in, enabled x-notifier, and let it check for messages which worked! At first this was spotty, but I tried this a couple more times and I did get it to work for the most part.

Of all my gmail accounts, only one account still comes up with an error. It is a Google Apps account. I have tried logging into this one first before letting x-notifier check. I hoped this would allow x-notifier to simply read messages from an already logged in account but this didn't work. I've tried all the above steps on a separate computer and I still can't get this email to work with x-notifier. 


Looks like the fix was temporary. I'm not sure why it came back. I'll try the troubleshooting again when I get more time.

I can now consistently get MOST of my accounts to work by logging out of all accounts and just letting xnotifier log back in. I cannot put the blame on any one extension since it works with or without extensions enabled. Its puzzling, but unless I can find more information (maybe longer usage of 2nd profile?) I'll just keep an eye out for any other changes.

The main problem now is that xnotifier does not work well with my google apps education account. I can't seem to get it to read anything no mattter what extensions I have. I get the same behavior in a completely fresh profile with no other extensions or settings changed beyond X-notifier. Any idea what might cause this behavior?