Cannot create log

I've followed the steps to create a log file that were posted in the User Guide section, but cannot generate a log file to download.

I am able to enable and disable Log, but clicking on Log does not generate a file (or I cannot find it). Am I supposed to look in a certain directory? Should a save file prompt appear? 

EDIT: Working! I didn't do anything different or change anything intentionally. It simply worked this time. If anyone else is having this problem, I'd suggest trying to export your accounts, reinstall x-notifier, and import your accounts. Maybe a restart of Chrome and your computer as well. It might do something.

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It seem not helpful.

RpD will explain more when he woke up in their time zone.

Thanks, CFBancroft


I think both sets of instructions made sense. These are the ones I read to make sure I was creating logs correctly.

My problem comes up at step 6 (first instructions) or at step 3 (RpD's instructions) which are both the same step. When I click 'Log' no file is saved. I've looked in the extensions folder, Program Files, root drive, but I simply have no idea where the log file is saved. I do not even know if it did save or not.

I've been trying every once in a while to use the log function and today it worked! My problem has always been at the step to download the log file, but when I clicked on "Log", it never downloaded a file. Hopefully this will continue to work.