Gmail Basic HTML (toggle option)

Would it be possible to add a toggle (checkbox) in gmail's setting that would enable the user to select STANDARD or BASIC HTML ?

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The script (should) detect whether you use basic html.
I never tested this, but since I never saw complaints here I guess it works.

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no, it does not retain mode preferances, but that's gmail's fault... i was just hoping we could provide a toggle that would use the address for basic html

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Hi Rodger,

  1. With it, you mean X-notifier?
  2. How is it gmail's fault?

The gmail script detects basic html in the function isLoggedIn when normal html is not detected:

  //basic HTML
  fnd=aData.match(/<base href="(\S+?)">/);
    return 1;
  return -1;

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Wait, you mean isLoggedIn only gets executed once (after succesfull login) and gmail only lets you switch to basic html after login. Yes?

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I don't know if apply to safari chrome opera... (I know do NOT works, but...)

No hurt to check or tweak with this... you might need to switch to Firefox to get

Gmail mobile : (Yes? alike basic html?)

Gmail html :  (Yes?)

I let you play with it...

(Please forgive me with English rule with or without 's' in verb, smile.)

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Pfff... I finally get it now...
Gmail only switches to basic html (/h) when using an unsupported browser.
And there is a mobile version (/x). (And I still don't use internet on my gsm)

Yes CFB, that works for Firefox.
And yes, Rodger needs an XN user option for Chrome/Opera/Safari in order to get basic html view on XN Gmail click.

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Write new scripts called

gmail-basic.js (script built-in with */h* ... just thought...)

So that way we will not bother Tobwithu to write app for "link" because Safari, Chrome, and Opera do NOT support API?
That cause impossbile to write "link" because of "re-direct" that SC&O won't allowed? (that where options not allowed?)

In near future... Firefox become alike SC&O ... that what I am afraid of...

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That was easy:  Just added "h/" to this.baseUR:

But I did a bit more:
Like I mentioned before (Zoho) I would like to see the Inbox count when it is > 0 and inboxOnly=unchecked. So I added it to gmail-basic.js with this result:

Gmail BASIC script:   (Right-click: Save link as...)

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Only works in Firefox. Have to do some more testing...

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You only need to click ONCE...

I'd like to use HTML Gmail

After that no more bother me.

Thanks to jeroen!

Question for jeroen, this gmail-basic.js will work on Safari, Chrome and Opera?

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I also realizzzed a bit late... this was not intended for Firefox.

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Was a bit temperamental at first (RpD phrase), meaning the account showed in red. But after some fiddling with the XN options it seems to work in Chrome also. And yes, click 'Do you really want to use HTML Gmail'...

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And on Chrome the labels are shown as tooltip text:

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Send gmail-basic.js to Tobwithu, enable for him to upload XN-scripts page.

*Was a bit temperamental at first* (You make me LAUGH!)

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Had nothing to do with "temperamental" after all.  The script encountered a mistake in case of inboxOnly without unread inbox message. And then I also saw I forgot to add the spam to inbox count when includeSpam=2 (hidden option). Corrected, so it can be re-downloaded. But I don't like the code now. To confusing... I should make the logic more readable. (And I should take more time for testing before presenting a 'solution')

And I don't like the idea of having a 2nd version of the gmail script (as admin surely won't). Then that means having to maintain two versions in the future.

But (off topic) I do like my addition of listing the unread inbox count in case inboxOnly is unchecked.

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"I do like my addition of listing the unread inbox count in-case inboxOnly is unchecked."

Dear Tobwithu,

Request ...

I would like to add that features in future, can you do that?

Thank you,


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Got confused concerning notified versus inbox count. I should not add spam count to the inbox count. Corrected.

Gmail BASIC HTML script is correct now for Firefox, but for Chrome somehow the spam does not get notified. Still debugging...

Gmail X script (Gmail including inbox count) is now corrrect for Firefox and Chrome.

Gmail BASIC script:

Gmail X script:

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Was an error in an original line of code (a regex) that probably not got executed lately (for basic html: UI=0). Now it reached that line only in Chrome.

So re-download and replace the script(s)...