Quick way to disable all checking

Hi, I love your plugin and I have used it for many many years. You are fantastic!

I would love a feature to be able to turn off checking of emails temporarily - I have started to try and focus on my day job, using the pomodoro technqiue. This requires complete concentration, but I find emails get in the way. Any way to add this simple button to disable checking on/off?

I would love you a lot!! 

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There already is a way, unless I'm misunderstanding your question.

Right click the x-notifier icon -> uncheck Enable

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Firefox=> Tools=> Add-ons=> Extensions=> X-Notifier=> [click] Disable
Restart Firefox, all done! No bother you at all!

Want X-notifier works again?
Firefox=> Tools=> Add-ons=> Extensions=> X-Notifier=> [click] Enable
Restart Firefox, AND It will bother you if any new email.

AND you LOVE me about my suggest!

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CFB... For Firefox, isn't Johnnyy's method easier ...to just disable checking?

However, we may need to use your method of completely disabling the add-on... in Chrome... I don't see the 'Enable' (checking) option for Chrome.

For Chrome, you can right-click the X-Notifier icon and then click 'Manage extensions', then scroll to X-Notifier and UNcheck the 'Enabled' box... which will disable the entire extension.


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My method easier!

If just "several" I will left to Johnny's method.!

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Unfortunately none of these methods you suggest work that well on Safari

I know I could disbale the plugin completely, but that doesnt seem to make much sense



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In Mozilla versions (Firefox/Sea Monkey/Thunderbird), if we right-click the X-Notifier envelope icon... there is an 'Enable' menu selection that can be clicked to checkmark it Enabled, or UNcheckmark it Disabled... which quickly turns off all checking for the extension without disabling the entire extension.
Probably Safari does not have this, sharing features with Chrome/Opera version, I believe... Chrome does not have an 'Enable' item on X-Notifier pop-up menu.

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