Exchange and Hotmail/ not working in Chrome


I recently switched from FF to Chrome.

When trying to setup my Exchange and Hotmail/ accounts, I followed the same approach as on FF.

For Hotmail/ I used the available Hotmail settings.  For Exchange, I downloaded and installed the Office365 script.

X-Notifier doesn't alert/display when new mail arrives for these two account types (it works fine with Yahoo and Gmail).  If I click on the X-Notifier icon and then click the Office365 or Hotmail account, I get logged in without a problem, so I am guessing there's something that needs to be fixed regarding the new mail counters.

Could you kindly check this situation, thanks.


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Any new developments?  Office365 still can't be checked.

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Since 5 days or so, sit in red color, so no notification of new messages.

Oddly, my hotmail,, and are working fine in Chrome, but my Firefox setup is having trouble checking my account. I think I will try deleting the account definition in X-Notifier in Firefox and recreating it.

EDIT:  Never mind, it was an outdated password... so now hotlook,, and accounts are all working fine in Chrome and Firefox.

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I have the same problem with my hotmail/outlook accounts. I use x notifier to monitor 6 accounts, now only 1 or 2 random accounts are checked, but everything works fine on firefox. I tried deleting all the history/cookies on chrome, but the problem persists.

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Are you on Chrome vs 50? Or are you, like me, still on Windows XP and therefore not able to update to vs 50, because Google stopped support for XP. I suspect (just guessing) this is causing a similar problem with my multiple Gmail accounts: only one is working on Chrome vs 49.

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I am using window 10 with the latest version of chrome.