New Outlook Mail OWA

Hi, for some reason, microsoft upgrade my hotmail interface to something called outlook mail (preview) OWA. and X-notifier is not working on that account. could you please update the x-notifier? ( not the new blue x-notifier). I really don't know how to use the new one, and I don't really like it. I likt the old one more. 

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I have been suffering exactly the same problem for the past couple of days. X-Notifier does not check my account "" anymore.

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X-notifier 3.5.12 works with new Outlook mail.

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The new outlook works with the firefox version of X-notifier 3.5.12. I just installed the chrome 3.5.12, and it still can't check my outlook accounts. 

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You might try deleting that 'new' outlook interface account in X-Notifier, restart the browser, then re-define that account.

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I tried that, and it still won't check the mail. I also tried deleting X-notifier all together and install it again. Then inport all the information from firefox. Am I missing something? 

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Please send me the log file to fix it.

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I followed the instruction on your link, but x-notifier crashed everytime I try to save the log. The pop up message says "X-notifier (for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL) has carshed. Click this balloon to reload the extension." 

Log file has been sent. thank you. Hope you will come up the new update soon. 

now, all my accounts become the new interface, none of them is working. please help, i have sent you the log. please check

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I am currently opening firefox from time to time to check my mail, cause the new outlook works with the firefox x-notifier. Hope it helps.