superfish virus

i use chrome with nod 32

every second after i install x-notifier its show that he block some ip protocol:

i check in the internet and understand that its some virus.


what i need to do?????????

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Try this, In Option, Uncheck Box "Use similar product search (Superfish)" & Save.


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ok i disiaible that.

i think its help.

i want undertstand what its do? and why nod32 reconize its like virous?  

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One one hand, Superfish is a marketing tool... it's optional (as you saw, there is a checkbox in X-Notifier Options to disable it) ...and it's available to add-on developers so they can generate some income from their work developing add-ons.  Superfish presents alternative product suggestions when you shop online.  
However, this year, another Superfish product has been getting bad press with Lenovo laptops...

I've been using X-Notifier for a long time (but I don't use Superfish).
I believe the Superfish in X-Notifier is different from Lenovo's... but it doesn't mean it will stay that way.


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good to know.