Add details about incoming message to pop up notice

So, thanks for a great little Add-on.

I suggest adding the functionality where instead of showing (Gmail +X number messages) in the popup alert, why not provide details about the actual received message..doesn't have to be the whole email but perhaps who it's from and the subject line?..or even the first 2 sentences of the incoming email?

I've seen this in competitor offerings and it's the only thing you're missing.
This would be an efficient time saver as we could then decide if we even want to go into our mailbox and open the newly received email.

Hope this is included in an upcoming update.

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I did not add it to support many webmail sites easily.

Getting mail snippet from Gmail is simple. But most of other sites does not have a simple way to do it.

I have a plan to add the functionality.

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Create new one called "X-snippet" for example.

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Instead of getting into a request war... How about Tobwithu just makes it 'optional'... with a hidden option to disable?

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For RpD, I love "REQUEST WAR!" Smile.

This is NOT real one yet until Tobwithu create new program in future!
(That if he start on snippet. When? TWO Years from now! As I wrote this July 14, 2015.)

See below as "example"...
When become "Reality", I will move this to User Guide folder! Smile.

Topic refers to:
extensions.xnotifier.accounts.[domain#USERNAME].snippet : (0? 1? 2? see below)

1) Type 'about:config' in the location bar.
2) Look for domain account with 'enabled' [Right-click] Copy Name
3) [Right-click] New => String
4) [Right-click] => [Paste] and replace 'enabled' with 'snippet'
5) [Click] OK
6) Enter string value ( 0  or  1  or   2   see below)

  • 0 : disable
  • 1 : show in subject line only
  • 2 : show in first 2 sentences

7) [Click] OK
8) Restart Firefox and ENJOY your new Snippet settings.

IF already setting, but you want to change value...
Just [Double-click] on value and input 0 or 1 or 2 [Click] OK

IF you want to remove it or "Forget it" (undo):
1) [Right-click] Reset
2) Restart Firefox  (this will remove your 'about:config' line)

Keep in mind, not all domain will work with Snippet!

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Ok.  >;}