soft on internal network lettering system


we have an internal network with a mail and a lettering system(called erp) can we use this software for our erp sys.

if yes please how . I know very little about this   soft e.g. what is alias???

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Alias is...
1) a name you can use for display purposes... to show it instead of X-Notifier showing your actual address in account lists... dropdown list, X-Notifier Window, or Sidebar
....(without any groupname, see below)...
2) a grouping method for the X-Notifier window/sidebar... the Alias input box, you can include a groupname in front of the account alias to group accounts together in the X-Notifier window/sidebar...
...using the Alias format:  groupname/alias.

For example...
Facebook account #1, username: email address #1, Alias:  FB/acct1
Facebook account #2, username:  email address #2, Alias:  FB/acct2
Facebook account #3, username:  email address #3, Alias:  FB/acct3

Then in the X-Notifier window or sidebar, those three accounts would be grouped under a "FB" group header, and you wouldn't see the actual email addresses associated with each account.


I suppose you could group any accts together, just put the groupname in front of aliases for different accounts...

   AOL                  (Alias:  HisAccts/AOL)
   Hotmail         (Alias:  HisAccts/Hotmail)
   Gmail              (Alias:  HisAccts/Gmail)




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For your internal system, a programmer might be able to make a custom script for X-Notifier to access it...

...the developer of X-Notifier makes custom scripts, but he needs a test account (username and password) in order to analyze the login to create a custom script for it.
You can see the custom scripts he has already made in the Scripts section...