Update checker script for X-notifier?

Is there an X-notifier script for chrome that checks for updates from http://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/history.php and reports back if there is a newer version of the extension? This would be useful because currently I just go to that url myself every so often and check to see if a newer version has been released, since chrome doesn't automatically update extensions that aren't from the Webstore. 

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I think Chrome was expected to welcome X-notifier back in it's Webstore, since the developer made some clearifying adjustments regarding the usage of Superfish. But it didn't happen... So yes, some other solution would be nice!

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I agree that any notification system for new versions for X-notifier for Chrome is more than welcome, for as long as this extension is not in Google Play (thus lacking automatic updating). And it would only be logical that such a system would be set up to notify it's users through X-notifier itself, but other channels would also be fine.

tobwithu, is this very hard to set up?