Cannot add crx file to Iron (chrome derivitive)

Works fine on 3 other computers ... (might be an IRON installation problem).


When I try to drag the XN icon to Iron Extensions, I get a black circle with a slash it it.  Will not accept the 'drag' action.

Iron (Chrome) v. 43.0.2300.0   32-bit



Any ideas???  Thanks in advance.

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Have you downloaded the .crx installation file to your computer?
I haven't been able to drag the link... it won't download to the Extensionspage.

Just to be sure...
Download/save the X-Notifier .crx installation file to your computer... then open the Extensions page for your browser... then find the .crx file on your computer and click-hold-drag the .crx file to the Extensions page. This works fine in Chrome.... as soon as I move the .crx over the Extensions page, a box pops up saying "Drop to install".


Instead of installing, when I drag to the Extensions page, I get a black circle with a slash through it and the file will not drop.

It is the .crx file I meant when I said icon ... sorry.

If I read this correctly,, ... Google has ended drag/drop .. but maybe I am not reading correctly.

Weird thing is .. no problem on other machines ... only this one.  Sure would be nice if we could get xnotifier from the CHROME web store.

If anyone can help, .. I would sure appreciate it.

had to extract the crx file and then install it through developer's mode.  I don't know why the other machines did not have to do that ... but it seems to be working now.