IMAP Option for Chrome Extension

I was wondering if there are any plans to bring the IMAP email login option to the chrome version. I have a university email address that I'd like to add to X-Notifier like I can in Firefox using the IMAP option. However this isn't available in chrome. It would be much appreciated if the dev could add this. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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Neither IMAP nor POP3 has been available in Chrome version of X-Notifier... the developer would have included them, but apparently the Chrome software did not allow for it.

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API not allowed in Chrome.

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I purposely chose not to use an acronym that most 'users' may not know or understand.
(And as Jeroen helps explain... it's the API that 'doesn't allow' for programming IMAP/POP3 access.)

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@CFB: An API (Application Programming Interface) is software developed for a specific software product. It enables to communicate and/or build upon (expand) such a software product.
So Mozilla developed an API to accomodate independant add-on developers for the Mozilla Firefox product.

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I add jeroen's explain in User Guide.

Thanks, CFBancroft


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RpD is probably right, that the available software for Chrome is not sufficient for admin to build the POP & IMAP scripts for Chrome.
And lets be clear: there is not one API, but numerous APIs...
An API serves to make development easier for the developer and is a logical result of Object Oriented software design (opposed to old-school procedural design).

One API is the open-source Prototype Javascript API ( - source code is Ruby), that can be used for all browsers. So admin uses this one for both versions and as far as I can see it is the only one he uses for the Chrome version.

By now Chrome developed its own Javascript API, with similar functionality. I cannot judge whether it serves more functionality, but who knows... And admin would have to adjust all code migrating to it.

"There is no Dana, only Zuul" (Ghostbusters)
For the Mozilla (Firefox, Thunderbird) version admin also uses the Mozilla XUL (XML User Interface Language) API, that as the name already suggests mainly addresses the User Interface of (f.i.) Firefox.
"There is no data, there is only XUL"
And Mozilla also offers an extensive SDK (Software Development Kit), that makes a developer's life a lot more comfortable (with numerous APIs included).

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First off IMAP is an electronic mail system wherein the messages live on the Essay-help server, in place of POP wherein the messages are downloaded on your pc. With each of these your client software program wishes to query the server to look if there are any new messages. Push-IMAP is an development of this. while the server gets an electronic mail for you, it'll ship (push) the e-mail to your computer. this saves you having to keep checking the server for brand spanking new messages. this is specifically beneficial on mobile phones.