Chrome sign in bug

No longer signs into multiple accounts for Chrome. 


I know this has been fixed for Firefox, how long away is 3.57 for Chrome?



 I got my one Gmail account forwarded to the Main  Gmail account until they get this bug fixed 


Seems it fixed the bug thanks :)

I just updated to v3.5.7 for Chrome. It still just keeps trying to sign-in to my Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail accounts, but never does.

Try deleting all history, cache on your Chrome browser, make sure it's up to date  

Try deleting all your emails out of  x-notifier , disable all extensions if the new updated 

x-notifier 3.5.7 is in there delete all the emails out of there than delete history, cache, disable

the new update  x-notifier 3.5.7 too along with the other extensions reload your Chrome browser

 than add your emails one at time with the passwords and press save , I never add all the emails at once 


CyberToothTiger. Just tried all your steps. Still just keeps trying to login.

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Sometimes updates don't go so well... something may have been corrupted you could try uninstalling X-Notifier, restart the browser, and re-installing X-Notifier. Clear cookies can help too. Persistence pays.


Tried your suggestions, still no sign-in!