Facebook script (notifications)

X-Notifier Version 3.5.6
Opera Next 29.0

It might seem strange to start a thread for this reason, but today I noticed for me the facebook script is working and continued to work for notifications in Opera Next (=Chrome).

[Edit] Same for Chrome.

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I don't think Chrome X-Notifier 3.5.6 is showing me any 'Notification' notifications... but it shows me Private Message notifications... last time I checked.

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I know... Please, check again! 

Or is it depending on the way notifications are coming in: by email (as you noted changed by facebook and not working anymore) or direct in ones browser.

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Ok, the term notification seems a bit confusing. My mistake.

There are 3 types of - mmm, what is a general name - ok... notifications, haha ;-) :
1. Friendship requests, named requests in the html.
2. Inbox or Private messages, named mercurymessages in the html.
3. Notifications, named notifications in the html.
    - These notifications always come in through the chat functionality, even when chat is disabled.

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I have the FB apps on iPhone and iPad... they work.
Otherwise, I use X-Notifier in my browsers or Thunderbird... I don't get emailed or text notifications.

So... I just posted a post asking somebody to like my post... to test X-Notifier.  And someone did. And...
X-Notifier, in both Firefox and Chrome, notified me that I had a FB 'notification' (shown on FB's globe indicator for... likes, pokes, and comments).
[And finally got a PM, so that was detected by both X-Notifiers too... added to the Likes/Pokes/Comments number.
Note to everybody... X-Notifier aggregates Requests, Msgs, and (Like/Poke/Comment)s... adds them all together.

So it all seems to be working now.

As for the terminology...

...there are 'notifications' for Friend Requests ('two people silhouette' icon),
what I call Private Messages ('two msg bubble' icon), and
Likes/Pokes/Comments (a 'globe' icon).

I've just been calling them Requests, PMs, and Notifications >;}

Facebook... the dossier building marketer that never sleeps... and never quits fussing with things.