GMail icon keeps disappearing

     When I go to check my emails, (Ihave all 4 email clients) the Gmail icon is always missing. I'm talking about the Xnotifier  envelope next to the location bar. It has 4 email clients and 3 of them have their icon next to their name. Gmail doesn't. Makes me feel like it may not be working at times but I do still get mail so I must be missing something. 

I have 2 gmail accounts. For a couple of weeks, I've had to manually 'check now' for my mail because only my non-default gmail was being checked. As of this morning, my default gmail is not being checked at all. I had to log in, then if I click the Xnotifier icon, it opens my email account. It never shows that it's been checked.

As of this morning, like julio99 above, the gmail icon is gone.

My yahoo and hotmail accounts are not affected.

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Gmail has moved their icons to another location.
All 6 of them are here now: (favicon, favicon2, ... favicon5)

So this is one of them:

Our browsers are caching them, so depending on their local cache lifetime you are going to miss it at a certain point in time. Nothing serious. Admin will no doubt notice and correct it in the Gmail script.

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Oeps, I checked an old script. The new location I mentioned is being used in the latest script. So perhaps Gmail has moved them again and different parts of the world get affected at different points in time...

I installed x-notifier light. That one worked and somehow, my regular x-notifier is now working. I disabled the light version, and it's still working to check all my accounts. The gmail icon has returned. I don't know how that worked, but it did for me.