Hotmail account wrong page..

Hi there,

Since today, when I try to go on my inbox page, X-notifier redirects me to my account informations and not my inbox page..

Maybe Microsoft has made some updates?

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Microsoft accounts may do this when they are trying to tell you something...

I have had it happen to me and I didn't figure it out until I opened a new tab in my browser, then entered (or or and logged in manually.  Then Microsoft popped up some notice about something new or something that needed attention on my account.

So... log in manually and look for any new 'notice' about your account.
It's not always obvious at first glance.


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I tried to login from but Microsoft didn't show me any news..

I really don't know what to do!

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Login manually again... and try clicking into the account settings or options.

Explore a little... when it happened to me, I think it took a little while until I blundered/stumbled into the notice/problem.