Multiple Gmail account problem - automatic switch to main account

Everytime I try to log in to a diffrent account other than the main one,  I manage to get in but after a few seconds I get aftautomatically redirected to the main one. I think it's a bug!

I get the browser error that too many redirects occur....

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(I'm just another X-Notifier user, but...)
In Chrome especially, when you have multiple accts with one email provider... to keep from being switched among the accts with that same provider, you have to open your accounts with the X-Notifier drop-down acct list... (click the X-Notifier envelope icon, then click the account you want to open).  It's a limitation of the programming environment that causes this... if you open from the X-Notifier menu, it will remember which account is active in that tab, and email checks won't change it (usually).

Thx for taking time answering my question

What you described it's exactly what i do, I click on th envelope icon and click on the respective account.

It does go to the right account, after 2 secs I get redirected to the "main" account.

It did not do it in the past, i'm pretty sure it's a bug

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Just curious, in X-Notifier, Options... do you have 'Open automatically' checked?

I have three gmail accounts and mine are working fine... I can open each account, their own tab, all at the same time, and they don't switch.  

Have you tried the troubleshooting steps?

I would especially clear the cookies/cache, and restart browser... since there are pages on the web referring to clearing cookies in order to fix 'redirect' errors.

Otherwise... if the problem was still there after troubleshooting, then I'd delete the accounts, and restart the browser, and then redefine my accounts.  If that didn't fix it... I'd uninstall X-Notifier, removing user data, restart the browser, and reinstall. (Restarting the browser is good to clear up random memory and restart fresh.)

I just haven't had your problem and nobody else is reporting it... the only time I've seen something similar is when I'd manually go to the site and login... and when X-Notifier did its email checks, then my manual tab would sometimes change.  But... since I asked and was told to start my session from the X-Notifier drop-down account list... my accounts/tabs do -not- change.

Since no one else is reporting this problem... it really seems like a corruption in your installation somehow, rather than a "bug".

 What version of Chrome(?) and what version of X-Notifier are you using?

Hi, I'm using Safari, latest version. Xnotifier 3.5.6 . I deleted the accounts, I cleared history and website data, reinstalled the plugin. Maybe I should go and clear the other installation files, where can I find them in my Mac?

Thx in advance

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I'm not a Mac user, but CFBancroft might be able to advise.
Only other thing I can think of, is to temporarily disable other add-ons, restart and try opening acct again.

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The reason I stay with Firefox because of session manager...

I use Firefox 95% with X-notifier, while Mac Safari 5% with X-notifier.

While I use Mac os 10.7.5 and I can NOT update Safari to latest version AND FreakAttack will attack my Safari !!!

Apple will NOT update 10.7.5 with Safari 6.1.6... so I am avoid Safari 6.1.6 at all cost... STAY with Firefox with X-notifier!

I AM just another X-Notifier USER ... Tobwithu allowed me to post User Guide, also I am longtime user since Webmail Notifier.

Take my advise... Just dump Safari and use Firefox! Because many more features than others.

Thanks for reading and understanding, CFBancroft

The script has been updated by the developer in the last version, now all works the culprit it is not safari or the user, it's google!!

Same error as begginning of thread, probably same bug to be fixed by developer, thanks in advance!