3.5.5 update breaks X-notifier for Chrome

After updating X-notifier in chrome to 3.5.5 from 3.5.4, the extension no longer works. I previously had 2 accounts being checked in X-notifier, a Yahoo account and a Facebook account. After the extension update, the Facebook account and script were removed. The Yahoo account was still displayed in the options menu, but clicking the X-notifier icon itself showed zero accounts. The extension was no longer able to check either account after the update, making it essentially useless.

I reverted to X-notifer 3.5.4 and imported my backup settings, which fixed the issue. However, subsequent update attempts to 3.5.5 yielded the same result. with the extension no longer showing or being able to check my 2 accounts. 

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Same behavior showing up for me.  Sending note to admin.

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There was a mistake while building X-notifier 3.5.5 for Chrome.

If you have any problem with Facebook account.

Please install 3.5.5 for Chrome again.


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I have re-downloaded and re-installed and it is working fine.

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Thanks for fixing it, the extension works fine once again. :)