Update erases my email accounts

Every time X-notifier updates in Safari, it wipes out all my email accounts and I have to reinput them all. Is this supposed to happen, and can it be fixed?

I can't speak for Safari problem, but CFBancroft can...   and otherwise, how about going into X-Notifier, Options and using the Export feature to save your accounts... so  you can just 'Import' them later, instead of having to "reinput them all"?

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As you said "I have to reinput them all"...
I will repeat what RpD said above... and with my cute explain note.

You do not need to RE-input, that only if you did BACK-UP regularly.

You can look at my User Guide that I wrote one and half year ago.


Before you update Safari...
Please do back-up FIRST, and in-case...
Safari decide to 'SCREW' X-notifier...
Then you can restore your account with BIG Smile.

So you will NOT worry about RE-input them ALLLLLL.


I have not test beyond version ... Mac 10.7.5 with Safari 6.1.6,
I do not know, or answer your question.
My attitude... if no problem with current version, I will not update to latest version Yosemite!
Unless I buy new Macintosh come with Yosemite, I will deal with it later!

Thanks for reading and understanding,

(Sorry for long and postpone reply because during holiday with my children.)


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Thank you. When exporting in Safari, it doesn't ask where to save a file, it just opens a new tab with a bunch of code on it. I saved that page as a web archive file, and will test it the next time X-notifier updates.

Thanks again

When I export my accounts file (in Windows PC), it saves a file with an extension of " .xn ", like... firefox.xnJust FYI ...don't know if Apple uses same filetype extension. May make a difference when you go to import it.