X-notifier not working with Zoho in Chrome

Hi Devs,

Hope you can fix the X-notifier script for Zoho & Chrome as you did for me the other day please for Firefox..

I'm having exactly the same problem with Zoho and X-notifier in Chrome as I had recently with Firefox. I just installed Chrome to try it out but I noticed that X-Notifier is not logging me in to Zoho.

Many Thanks


There is only one script, it isn't necessary to make separate scripts by browser.

The Zoho script is noted as supported for Firefox, but the note at the top of the scripts page indicates you should be able to use the script for X-Notifier in other browsers... IF you define only one account with it.  So, you should be able to add the Zoho script to X-Notifier in Chrome, define one account and it should work.  

IF not, then try opening a new tab and manually going to the Zoho site and log into mail, to be sure there are no unusual prompts interfering with login to your inbox.  If there is any special prompt, take care of it, then sign out and restart your browser to check with X-Notifier.  

If there's nothing interfering with a manual login, then you could delete the account in X-Notifier, restart the browser, and redefine it.
Sometimes there's a corruption or mistake that interferes, so try, try again a second time.



Did what you said, however the same thing happens..  X-notifier will not check zoho mail in Chrome (zoho is displayed in red.)  It is exactly the same issue that I had with Zoho & firefox the other day but the new script fixed it for Firefox.



Sometimes I have an account which works in Firefox but not in Chrome... yet no one else complains about a similar problem.
Sometimes it fixes itself. Otherwise...

After a time, and a new update of that particular account script...
...I supplied my account username/pwd to the developer, Tobwithu, at xndevel@gmail.com
...and evenutally another updated script did work for me.

So... either  supply your account username/pwd, or create a new account (and test it to verify the same problem)... then request the fix via xndevel@gmail.com, supplying username/pwd   ...specifically mentioning Chrome. It's the only way the developer can address your specific problem.


Ok, thanks for geting back to me. I guess I'll just dump Chrome and go back to Firefox.  I just wanted to try Chrome out anyway.


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For Firefox/Thunderbird/Seamonkey... Tobwithu only need ONE (1) account to make scripts.


For Chrome/Safari/Opera... Tobwithu need TWO (2) account to make scripts.
I think have to do with log-out and log-in other account... Tobwithu need test for that purpose...


While Firefox/Thunderbird/Seamonkey 'no problem' with log-out and log-in other account.

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I can't dish Chrome because in Linux Fedora is the only way I can access Netflix!  p

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Any news in regard of Zoho script not working on Chrome? It has been moren than 6 months since first reported and still this script only works with Firefox. I need to use Chrome because it has a better memory managament than Firefox and also because I'm avid Chromecast junkie :)

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Not working