Please provide xpi file equivalents for the Chrome or Opera updates

Now when you right click the buttons @ you get an xpi file for Firefox, but for Opera and Chrome you get install.php files which are useless when dragged onto the extensions page for installation. How can one get an xpi file equivalent for the Chrome or Opera updates to drag to the extensions page to update x-notifier ?

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Left-click works for all the install buttons.
For Chrome & Opera left-click takes you to an install page. Just follow the instructions on that page.

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  • "How to install
  • Press 'Ctrl+F12' (or Menu -> Settings -> Preferences)
  • Advanced -> Security -> Trusted Websites"
  • are instructions that cannot be followed using Opera 25.0 because 'Settings' no longer has a pathway to 'Trusted Websites'.
  • How are you updating x-notifier to 3.4.9 in opera 25 ? Right clicking and saving the Opera button provides an oex file and when you drag in into the Extensions page it enters a loop copying it to the place where it was first saved rather than installing the update. 
  • I have a Win 7 64bit os on a pc
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As RpD explained Opera 15+ (Opera Next)  is based on the same layout engine as Chrome (Blink). You must use the XN Chrome version for Opera Next.
Opera is still supports the former version based on their own Presto layout engine. The XN Opera version is for this Presto version.

It is a bit confusing and I realize I could have been more clear, but I only had time for a quick post.

First, .xpi is only the filetype for mozilla products (such as Firefox, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird).

Second, if you want to download the install files for Chrome and Opera... first LEFT click their green buttons at ...and that takes you to a page where you can save the .crx file for Chrome, or for Opera, another green button that you can right-click and save the .oex file.   But newer versions of Opera are based on the Chrome engine, I believe, and you'll have to use the .crx file from the Chrome page for the new Opera.  Good luck with that... I'm not going to get into that install detail.


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That seemed to work when you could get x-notifier from the Chrome Web Store and port it to Opera, but now that it is banned from the Chrome  Web Store all you can hope for is to save the .crx file which doesn't install onto Opera even when it will install on Chrome browser. Why don't you walk the walk and prove to yourself something works before talking ?

The CRX file -IS- the Chrome Web Store version... it's a LOCAL  copy.
Yes, it CAN be installed into Chrome... BY FOLLOWING THE DIRECTIONS.

Yes, the same CRX file CAN be installed into new versions of Opera... (since Opera 15).
I JUST TESTED INSTALLING TO BOTH OF THEM.  Now you only have to drag'n'drop it into Opera, just like the Chrome instructions.

Nobody wants to help a belligerent.


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That why RpD said "Good luck with that... I'm not going to get into that install detail."

Also jeroen said "Just follow the instructions on that page."

AND me CFB said "look other link regard Opera"

I can NOT prove to myself before talking...
WHY? I am Deaf and can NOT speak very well.
I can only read and typing back to you. (Smile)

I said it because it used to be a pain to install crx in Opera...
...didn't know, that now, it's a SIMPLE drag'n'drop.

Oh... and yes... the Opera section could use an update telling how to simply drag'n'drop the .crx into new versions of Opera (15 and above). The .oex directions, I'm sure, still work for OLD versions of Opera.