Checking multi-Google accts interrupts Google Chat

(This post is for use with the Google Chrome 37.0.2062.102 m browser on Windows (8.1)... I doubt the versions really matter.)

In case this wasn't already known...
When I have X-Notifier set to check multiple Gmail accounts... and ...I have Google Voice/Talk/Chat embedded in one of my Gmail accounts... then, when I'm logged in via tab ...X-Notifier appears to break my Chat session (drops the link/call/whatever).  It's "Opps it appears ...etc".  

This is important to me because sometimes I want to use Google Chat for voice calls (with Google Voice)... and X-Notifier's switching sessions (I guess) to check multiple Gmail accounts will cause Google Chat to drop the voice call... and it can't reconnect automatically. I have to refresh my Gmail tab/webpage so I can redial.   For the time being, I've disabled my alternate Gmail accounts in X-Notifier.

I say Google Voice/Talk/Chat because it's hard to tell which one is 'embedded'... when I log into my Gmail account via browser, I get the little panel to the right side of my Gmail webpage with my user icon, a tiny phone handset icon and a vidcam icon... for starting voice or video calls.  Google implies it's just Chat but it's tied into my Google Voice number.   (I won't even talk about "Hangouts"... Google keeps changing things too much.)

Anyway... just thought I'd mention the mail check seems to break Chat calls.