no export to xn file

Lately, when I do an export I download a 'download.txt' file instead of a chrome.xn file.  Am I doing something wrong.  Worked fine before.  thank you in advance.

It looks to be the same file, just a different name... I have exported, renamed it and imported it.

So, until the developer fixes(?) it, you could just rename the file as  you're saving it... to "chrome.xn" (and even date it, like...

I will give that a try.

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Myself, I almost NEVER Export from Chrome,
mostly main from Firefox, and Import into Chrome/Safari/Opera.
Reason? NOT include all Hidden Options and IMAP/POP inside the Chrome.xn,
while Firefox INCLUDE ALL Hidden Options and IMAP/POP.

I did not change 'download.txt',
while Export and Import BACK into Chrome.
It works fine, on my Macintosh.
(I have NOT tested import into Firefox... need with '.xn' or not. Reason see above.)

I agree with RpD about date added to '7-7-14_download.txt'
(Also it nice to have "Back-up" and put USB. What if Chrome getting corrupts file.)

Maybe Chrome Web Store banned X-notifier with 'chrome.xn'.
That cause Tobwithu rename to 'download.txt' to be "visible" in plain TEXT.
Tobwithu hopefully Chrome Web Store accept again? (who know.)

See Tobwithu's past forum post.