Missing from Chrome Store

I see about a month ago that X-notifier was removed from the Google Store, and the front page here says so also. Nothing else has been said about it since, though. Will this extension continue on, or make it back into the store? I really like it and would hate to see it disappear from Chrome.

X-Notifier (and updates) for Chrome remains available on the home page here....

http://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/dp    ...(click the green Chrome button) ...and follow directions at http://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/cr/install.php

...while we await more news from Tobwithu.


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I have a guess why it has been removed from the Chrome web store. Because of Superfish and the ads on the extension page. These are the reasons why it's not there anymore. I have nothing against the PayPal donate button. Remove the ads and resubmit it, because probably that's why it was reported.

If you want to continue this shady tactic there's no point in resubmitting if PayPal donations are not enough for you!

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Seems like I was right.  Thankfully I still have the extension, but not sure for how much.


Totally agree with Google's decision. If the ads still stay in the extension we will be forced to look for other alternatives.

'We' will, will 'we'?

The article you linked to has NOTHING to do with third party ADS.   As stated in the article, it is Google's attempt to totally control any and all apps loaded into the Chrome browser (like Apple and MS do with their platforms)... rather than from sites other than the Chrome WebStore.  Loading from independent sources is called "side-loading", such as downloading from the green button 'Chrome' link at the Home page of this forum's website, then dragging and dropping onto Chrome's Tools, Extensions page.  Even the latest update of the Chrome browser (which I did today) still allows drag-n-drop installation.

Superfish has been included for quite some time, and X-Notifier 'Options' has the setting to turn it OFF... which many users do.
I don't use Superfish, but I don't rant about it anymore either, since it's easy to disable.
I don't like adware, but if that 's so 'shady', well... move along.
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