Rare account activity when using X-notifier

Hi there:

Im having a weird problem. From time to time, I get an email from Microsoft saying that my profile information changed. The email is the following one: http://i.imgur.com/2Pk9tJR.png

The email is valid and trusted so I check the account activity and it shows that my profile info have been changed from an IP from USA. If I search that IP, its owned by Microsoft and there arent any profile information changed really.

These emails have been being usual lately and, even if seems to be safe as there is nothing changed, I noticed that most of times they are triggered by x-notifier. For example, sometimes just after receiving an aler of an email, I click the x-notifier button and select the account to read the email. That leads me directly to the inbox and just after doing so, a new email appears from Microsoft with the same subjet.

This doesnt happens always but almost like once a day, sometimes twice a day, and sometimes I get these emails randomly without pushing the x-notifier button.

After several days I guess there is "something" in the way that x-notifier is accessing to my accounts that is trigering this. Thats why I write this post to see if someone is getting the same issues and for you, the developer, to investigate a bit about this. A quick google search revealed more people receiving these emails as well and also using Chrome. Is hard to know what we all have in comon tho so Ill just leave this here and wait for a response to see if you know what could be trigering all these annoying and kinda "scary" emails.


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Guess what? I stoped getting these emails after I turned off X-notifier for 3 days.
That will make this addon quite suspicious if there arent any explanation and fix soon :/

I have over 20 accounts working with X-Notifier, including at Hotmail, Outlook.com, and Live.com

I see -nothing- "suspicious" about X-Notifier... I don't get the anomaly you are experiencing.
Paranoia is a good thing... when "they" are really out to get you...
...however, I believe it is misplaced in regard to X-Notifier.
Spreading suspicion is like spreading gossip.
Yes, you can demand a response from the X-Notifier author, but for thousands of users, it just works.

You could look at this post...